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Damala Sky XIII
Damala Sky
Japanese ダマラ スカイ13世
Romanized Damara Sukai 13-sei
English Damala Sky the XIII
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday April 9th
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Damala's Curry
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 158
Anime Episode 84
Japanese Kikumoto Taira
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Damala Sky the XIII (ダマラ スカイ13世 Damara Sukai 13-sei), also known as the Curry King (カレーの王様 Karē no Ōsama), is the owner of the highly successful restaurant Damala's Curry and is ranked 4th on the World Gourmet Chef Ranking, making him one of the greatest chefs in the world.[1]


Damala full body

Full view of Damala.

He is a tall man with an imposing appearance. He has very sharp features and always maintains a serious expression. He has long black hair and a long thin mustache with a five o'clock shadow. He wears a very formal yellow-colored chef's uniform that has a somewhat military-esque appearance complete with white epaulettes on his shoulders and one on his orange toque. The toque itself has a somewhat triangular shape. On both his hat and his top he has the logo of a heart dripping onto a plate. He also wears a small medal on the left side of his chest. His most notable feature is the visor-like device he wears over his right eye, although the exact purpose of it has yet to be revealed.

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He is a serious and fearless man with a deep understanding of food and cooking. His ability to hear the Voice of Ingredients shows how deep his wisdom and understanding are. He is also a noble and courageous man who was one of the few capable of making it to the Gourmet Towers in order to save all the people that were poisoned by the Four Beast.

Powers and Abilities[]

Damala is not only one of the greatest cooks in the world, but a competent fighter as well. In battle he wields two very long knives (possibly maguro bōchō) that resemble nodachis. He managed to intercept an attack from a Nitro, although he ended up being disarmed and knocked back several meters. However, he recovered quickly enough to prevent the creature from delivering the final blow.

Chef Skills[]

Damala cooking at CF

Damala masterfully cooking curry.

Being ranked number 4 on the World Gourmet Chef Rankings shows that Damala is one of the top five greatest chefs in the world and therefore his skills as a chef are of the highest quality, probably the best when cooking curry, as suggested by his moniker. He is also capable of hearing the "voice of ingredients" something only the most skilled and understanding of chefs can posses.[2] He is capable enough to cook the special preparation dish Medicinal Mochi without a problem. He is the head of a restaurant chain of curry stands with 50,000 employees at his command and he makes a revenue of 10 trillion yen a year.


Damalas knife

Damala's kitchen knife.

Damala has used many different types of knives of varying length and shape. The visor on his right eye can be seemingly programmed to scan and run unknown analyses on certain objects.


Spice Magic small

Spice Magic (スパイスマジック Supaisumajikku): Damala turns his hands so that he is facing their backs and throws spices in the opponent's face. The technique releases golden sparkles. With it, he manages to stun a Red Nitro momentarily.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

When Toriko and Coco released Ichiryu's hor d'oeuvres from its chest, the voice of the ingredient spread across the world and was heard only by the most skilled chefs, one of which was Damala Sky himself.[2]

Four Beast Arc[]

Inside Kitchen Dome

Damala commands his employees to cook Medicinal Mochi

After the Four Beast poisoned all the humans in Food Park Plaza with its Green Rain, Johannes made a call to every available chef to come to the Gourmet Towers' knife building and prepare an antidote for the victims. Damala was one of the many chefs who answered the call alongside Chiru, Sumire, Tsurara Mama, Lulubhu and Livebearer.[1] He later contacts his 50,000 employees at Kitchen Dome to get prepared to cook the Medicinal Mochi.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Damala Sky was seen entering 13th in the stage of the Cooking Festival, after Gen-chan. The MC commented that with his cooking he can fool any spicy food critic. He was able to pass the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking and Entire Island Cooking. And was able to reach the Championship Cooking, where his opponent would be Kopuriko. However, the Cooking Festival was inadvertently cut short by the arrival of the Gourmet Corp. who invaded the fest in order to kidnap its chefs.

During the battle, he warned everybody to get away from Setsuno and explains how her ability worked. Later, he shouted Yuda's name when the latter was attacked by a Nitro. The creature then proceeded to disarm and finish him, but he managed to stun it using his Spice Magic.

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half after the events of the Cooking Festival, he was apart of a group of chefs who appeared after the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu located the treasure chest containing the Billion Bird egg, lead there by the voice of the ingredients. He was among the group that was astonished at how Komatsu, Sunny, and Zebra attempted to hatch the egg. He and the other chefs went back to their shops to prepare for the billion birds arrival.

At the main shop of the Damarasu Curry store chain, he discovered that by drying and breaking the legs into a powder, it can be used to knead into a pasta to use as a substitute for rice. He also found that the claws can be used as a spice, and the meat is used as the main ingredient for the Billion Bird Chicken Curry he created.

AIR Arc[]

Damala Sky was one of the many people who went to the World Kitchen to say their goodbyes to the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu before they set off to Gourmet World and he and his fellow chefs promised to cook all the ingredients that they send.

PAIR Arc[]

When the delivery of Gourmet World ingredients finally came into the Human World, Damala joined up with many of the Human World's skilled personnel who journeyed to Gourmet World in order to assist the Heavenly Kings. When everyone arrived in Area 8's Hex Food World, they were told by the Daruma Hermit that the Heavenly Kings had already departed from the Area 8 and headed to Area 7, much to their disappointment. However the Daruma Hermit then offered them their last remaining Safety Monster to help take the group to Area 7, the Crabbus.

GOD Arc[]

He is last seen attending the wedding of Toriko and Rin and amaze at the taste of GOD.



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