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Dangoal GM
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Japanese ダンゴール
Romanized Dangōru
English Dangoal
Aliases Dangole
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Type Crustacean
Capture Level 40
Length 70cm
Weight 50kg
Habitat Gourmet Pyramid
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 134
Anime Episode 64
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The Dangoal (ダンゴール Dangōru) is a crustacean beast with a Capture Level of 40 that can be found in the Gourmet Pyramid.


The Dangoal is a short pill bug-like creature that can grow to be around 70 centimeters in length, and when fully grown it can weigh up to 50 kilograms. It has limbless orange body with a foldable brown shell on its back. Its eyes are large and green and its mouth is full of sharp teeth.

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Dangoals are hostile animals that always stay together with others of their kind and even hunt together.

As FoodEdit

Judging by the drawings in the pyramid, their shell has to be split in a special way to make them savory and delicious otherwise their meat is extremely tough and otherwise inedible to normal humans (Toriko, who has superhuman jaw strength, had to exert considerable effort to eat one that was killed incorrectly).


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

While searching for Komatsu in the Gourmet Pyramid, Toriko and Zebra were attacked by a large swarm of these beasts, but were successfully able to slay them all and eat their meat to restore their stamina.


In the video game series, the Dangoal is shown to have a variety of different subspecies:

  • Mangoal (マンゴール Mangōru): [1]
  • Mitarashi Dangoal (みたらしダンゴール MitarashiDangōru): [1]
  • Chocogoal (チョコゴール Chocogōru): [1]
  • Needle Dangoal (トゲトゲダンゴール TogetogeDangōru): [1]


  • Created by Takeyama Shou-san of Osaka.

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