Dark Technique
Chiru performs Dark TechniqueChiru revitalizing her master
Japanese 暗技(あんぎ)
Romanized Angi
English Dark Technique
Class Revitalization
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 188
Anime Episode 108
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Dark Techniques (暗技 (あんぎ) Angi) refer to kitchen techniques prohibited by the IGO in fear of upsetting the circulation of food, even though they have mostly been used to revitalize humans and beasts for healing purposes.[1]

In order to use these techniques, a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife is required and a near superhuman ability to pass the knife in the gaps between cells without damaging them; someone could use it freely on an ingredient and eat it almost infinitely by restoring it little by little. The techniques can help the regeneration of an ingredient or a creature but can't revitalize dead people or beasts.[2]



  • Revitalization Cut (Unnamed): An individual's damaged tissue is regenerated and healed. Ootake first uses it on Komatsu.[1]
  • Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut (鮮度UP蘇生切り Sendo Appu Sosei Giri): The knife is thrust into the ground and creates a shock wave of slashes that spreads around its surroundings and heals and awakens any fallen creature in the vicinity from the brink of death. It also enhances their physical abilities, and Joie seems to add his Taste Change technique on this one since the Nitro he revitalizes turn into his minions.[3]
  • God Cooking (神の料理術 (ゴッドクッキング) Goddo Kukkingu): It allows the user to perform cooking and other powerful techniques regardless his condition, due to the power of Gourmet Cells. It makes the facial appearance change substantially too.[4]


  • After being severely injured by Zaus, Chiyo intends to use a technique beginning with the word "Angi" which hints it could have been a Dark Technique.[5]
  • After being severely injured by Toriko's demon outside the Cooking Stadium, Starjun hints that he is able to use a "Dark Technique".[6]


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