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Darnil Kahn
Japanese ダーニル・カーン
Romanized Dāniru Kān
English Darnil Kahn
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday January 5th
Status Alive
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO,
Jidal Kingdom (formerly)
Occupation NEO member,
King (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 171
Anime Episode 96
Japanese Voice Ishizuka Unshou
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Darnil Kahn (ダーニル・カーン Dāniru Kān) is the former King of the Jidal Kingdom before abandoning his position to go in search of GOD. He is part of NEO, an alliance consisting of himself, Colonel Mokkoi, Mahmai Moi, and many other wealthy and powerful individuals.


He is an elderly dark-skinned man with notable wrinkles, shoulder-length white hair and a large beard. He also has elongated earlobes and rather dark eyes. Despite being a king, he dresses in rather plain clothes which consists of a white tattered robe and a white turban.

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He is very rude and specific when it comes to food and didn't hesitate in spitting food on the face of one of his maids because of its taste. He does not to care about the people he governs because of the quadrillions of yen he has stored in his coffers and only cares about using his vast fortune to locate Acacia's notebook and accomplishing NEO's goal. He also seems to flaunt the power of his government, stating that his intelligence network is better than even the IGO's and Gourmet Corp.'s. Another trait is that he does not seem to possess any desire whatsoever to give some of his food to his people, as reflected in the state of his country and his palace in contrast.


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

He is first seen eating food at his Palace. His personal chef Joie tells him that Livebearer was defeated. Darnil was then revealed to be a robot (most likely a GT Robo that was made to look like him), bidding his goodbyes to the Jidal Kingdom as it has no more use for him.[1]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

He is later seen in the stands at the Cooking Stadium. It is revealed that he is a part of NEO.[2] He is shown to sarcastically pity Ichiryu as his own members are not on his side.[3] When Midora shoots his Meteor Spice on Cooking Island, Tokage appears from the ground to take Ahmon away along with the other members.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the manga, when his maid brought him his food he only spit on her, but in the anime he insults her and instead has her sent off to the dungeon for her incompetence as she screams for mercy. In the anime his guards are also shown, and appear to be women in scantily clad armor.


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