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The Daruma Hermit
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Romanized Daruma
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Type Apparition
Habitat Hex Food World
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Manga Chapter 281
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Darumas are a race of giant people that come from the Gourmet World. The most notable is the Daruma Hermit who is the leader of Hex Food World.


Darumas are giant-sized people with dark skin but bright colored faces with many markings. They have large black eyes, a very chubby appearance and can have a big nose and long earlobes. The Daruma Hermit is easily bigger than Melk the First. Female Darumas are mentioned but are never seen.

Behavior and CultureEdit

Darumas are an intelligent species and the Daruma Hermit who is the only one seen appears to be very wise and social but also perverted. The Daruma Hermit also holds the position of leader of Hex Food World but is not known if all Darumas have some sort of leadership role. Like the rest of the villagers, Darumas highly respect and revere Heracles and shared the dream of one day eating AIR alongside their fellow villagers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The strength and power of a Daruma is not known, but they are probably good at preparing food as a meal called the Daruma Hermit's Tribute is part of Zebra's menu.



Like the rest of the races within Hex Food World, the Darumas are actually the descendants of ancient humans who were mutated by the Nitro many centuries ago after being injected with Gourmet Cells. These ancient humans would later establish a society in Area 8 and their descendants would become the many diverse races of Hex Food World.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Zebra was the first to meet a Daruma, the Daruma Hermit under unknown circumstances. The hermit gave him a Daruma Horse as well as a tribute.

AIR ArcEdit

The four kings finally meet the Daruma Hermit in person in the Bizarre Valley after arriving in the Hex Food World. They were quite shocked by his size when they saw him. His state of health seems to be deteriorating due to unknown reasons however he seems to be in the good hands of Atashino, who managed to survive the battle between the IGO and Bishokukai. The Daruma Hermit kept opening and closing his eyes, which confused and annoyed Brunch to the point where the latter stated that the Daruma should just die.[1]


  • The face of a Daruma is based on the Daruma Dolls from Japanese culture.


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