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Japanese 乄切 (めき) 竜
Romanized Meki Ryū
English Deadline Dragon
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Type Dragon
Capture Level 1
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Gourmet Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Cross Epoch - One Piece x Toriko
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Deadline Dragons (乄切 (めき) 竜 Meki Ryū) are a species exclusively found in the manga crossover special Cross Epoch - One Piece x Toriko.


They are serpent-like dragons with six arms and humanoid faces. Some of them can be bald, and they all wear headbands with Japanese kanji written on them:Yahagi (矢作), Koike (小池), and Nakano (中野). They reside on Gourmet Island and mainly appear in bodies of water such as ponds or lakes.


They appear to be quite savage and territorial, and they also appear to enjoy wearing human accessories, such as headbands and glasses.


One Piece x TorikoEdit

They are first encountered by Toriko and Luffy while they are on Gourmet Island looking for ingredients to eat with the Devil Fruit they discovered. When they find the Deadline Dragons, Toriko easily knocks them out with his 15-Hit Nail Punch.


  • Their appearances are based on the editorial staff of Shonen Jump. They are even referred to as Edit Beasts (編集獣類 Henshū Jūrui).

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