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Death Gore Chimera GM CG
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Aliases The World's Worst Devil
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Type Unknown
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Length 50m+
Weight 1,000~20,000t+
Diet Omnivorous
Related Death Gore
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Game Toriko: Gourmet Monsters
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The Death Gore Chimera is a monstrous, mutated, artificial breed of Death Gore that is far more powerful and more deadly than the normal Death Gore, and its horrendous appetite is even greater than that of its relative, making it a devastating creature capable of destroying the world's ecosystem. It is the main antagonist of Toriko: Gourmet Monsters. It was designed by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro himself for the game.

The Death Gore Chimera is in actuality the creation of Gourmet Royale owner, Kimera who planned to fuse with the beast to become an unstoppable force.



Concept art of the Death Gore Chimera by Shimabukuro.

It is a gigantic orange Death Gore with a canine-like muzzle sporting pink lips, sharp teeth and a large black nose. It has the cycloptic Death Gore eye on its forehead plus two more eyes below it with black scleras and red glowing pupils. The two bumps on its cheeks, which is a common trait with even regular Death Gores, are purple instead of red and it appears to have many more and longer spikes on its body than that of the average Death Gore. It has a large gold mane around its head like that of a lion's and its legs are noticeably long when compared to normal Death Gores. Its chimeric appearance is due to having been created by combining the genetics of several of the worst's types of beasts together to create a monstrous weapon.

After fusing with Kimera, Kimera inherited many of the beast's traits, such as its skin color, veins, its cycloptic and dark eyes, and yellow hair, as well as a larger body and more muscular frame while still appearing humanoid. Kimera also possessed a long striped tail.

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It is a voracious and violent creature that seeks to consume all it can and if anything resists to become part of its meal it will unleash its full might against them.

After fusing with Kimera, its mind became one with Kimera's however Kimera was still the dominant personality but now had the Death Gore Chimera's monstrous appetite.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The Death Gore Chimera unleashes its fury.

Unlike the normal Death Gore, this creature is an aggressive and powerful monster with the traits of numerous dangerous beasts and has the ferocity and power of a carnivore due to its omnivorous nature. Because it is omnivorous in the truest sense of the word, there is almost nothing that it cannot eat and it has a high metabolism and appetite allowing it to eat far more and far faster than a regular Death Gore. It is a creature whose strength and power grows greater by the minute and is able to adapt itself to new opponents, which made its abilities so great that it took the combined strength of the Four Heavenly Kings and the Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs to stop it, showing just how deadly it is and likely putting its capture level far above 100 or maybe even unmeasurable due to its continuously growing power.


Toriko: Gourmet MonstersEdit


The Four Heavenly Kings and the Gourmet Corp. face off against the Chimera.

The Death Gore Chimera was the artificial creation of the Gourmet Royale owner, Kimera, who was able to create it using his parent's own research on reviving Death Gores and sought to use the beast to become a powerful monster himself and then rule the world.

After his army of Death Gores had been defeated by the Four Heavenly Kings and the Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs, he he finally unveiled his Death Gore Chimera which he planned to use in his world domination plan. The beast appeared to be a powerful foe that if not defeated would wreck untold havoc on the world, luckily it was defeated by the combined efforts of the Kings and the Sous Chefs. However that was not the end of it, as Kimera had fused with the beast himself to create a powerful and intelligent being that could destroy all in its path. Eventually this new horror was confronted by the Four Heavenly Kings and their Animal Partners who were then able to destroy him after a long battle.


  • Its name comes from the legendary Chimera, a monster made up of different animals that was mentioned in Greek myths.

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