Fork-knife-icon  Derous Knife   Fork-knife-icon
Anime komatsu knife
English Derous Knife
Other Melk Kitchen Knife (メルク包丁 Meruku Hōchō)
Creator(s) Original: Unknown
Reforge: Melk the Second
Owner Komatsu
Purpose Food preparation
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 124
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The Derous Kitchen Knife is Komatsu's pride and joy and his main cutting tool when preparing all his dishes. It was originally used in a set with Komatsu's other knives but now stands out as a unique tool of its own. Though originally not anything special, simply a normal knife like the others that Komatsu managed to buy by scrounging up his savings when starting his career as a chef, his great care and love for it truly made it something special. It even caught the eye of Starjun, a Sous Chef for the Gourmet Corp..


The knife is so hard and sharp that the only way to shape it was by slowly grinding it down with Melk Stardust as no amount of heat or hammering would affect it,[1] and once finished, a light swing of the knife cut an entire mountain range in half.[2] It is so sharp that Sunny comments that it would have sliced him in half had he tried to hold it with his sense of touch.[3]

Due to the Derous' Fang's strong regenerative properties, this knife can be used to perform Dark Techniques, which stimulate the cells of a living body to hasten the regeneration of cells and the healing process, allowing this knife to serve as both a regular kitchen knife and a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife.


Melk Stardust ArcEdit

After Toriko's return from Gourmet World, Komatsu breaks his knife while attempting to cut a Don Acorn.[4] The broken knife is eventually repaired by Melk the Second using a piece of Derous' Fang. Upon finishing the knife, Melk the Second, for the first time, etches a personal signature into one of her knives.[5]

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Komatsu uses it to scare off an Escarjaw and, with a single swing, ends up cutting through the ceiling and floor.[6]

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Komatsu swings the knife at Starjun, who states that the knife is impressive but isn't for harming people.[7] Komatsu later uses it to regenerate Toriko's left arm and right leg.[8][9]

PAIR ArcEdit

Komatsu uses it to reattach Toriko's right arm.[10]


Komatsu's Kitchen Knife
Komatsu's knife's original appearance.
Komatsu's Kitchen Knife (Broken) Eps 53
Melk knife komatsu
Komatsu's knife reforged
Deorus intimidation anime
The knife's Intimidating aura in the form of the Derous
Finally Komatsu has a indimitation!
The knife's "intimidation" (manga)
Komatsu melk knife episode 57
Melk the Second, the knife's reforger


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