Desert City
Desert City
English Desert City
Location Sand Garden (Wak Continent)
Affiliation Sand Kingdom,
Unknown warring country (formerly)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 129
Anime Episode 61
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Desert City is a small city within Sand Garden which experienced numerous hardships in its past.


Sand garden

Desert City's location on Sand Garden's map.

The Desert City was ravaged due to the wars that occurred in Sand Garden, leaving only crumbling buildings and decaying wooden shacks. After the end of the war it is unknown if the city recovered or if Desert City was once again part of the Sand Kingdom.[1]


Like the rest of the Sand Kingdom, the people of Desert City center their culture around the harsh dessert environment, wearing large robes and turbans to protect themselves from the heat and using mainly camels as transport. The people of Desert City also began to revere Zebra as a heavenly savior after he indirectly caused the warring countries to cease fire.



Around 500 GA, a war broke out in Sand Garden where a warring country from far away took possession of the Desert City in the Sand Kingdom, causing much bloodshed and suffering for the defenseless people outside the capital and causing the deaths of over 1000 people.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Zebra was released from Honey Prison, many countries worldwide went into a state of emergency and warring countries ceased fire and formed peace treaties to protect each other from the chaotic Zebra. Thanks to Zebra's release, the Sand Kingdom and its enemies ceased fire and made pacts to help defend themselves against Zebra, finally bringing an end to the war and restoring peace to Desert City. The people of Desert City then saw Zebra as a savior from heaven who had freed them from their hell.

The denizens of the city were later given some Mellow Cola by Zebra, Toriko and Komatsu and likely prospered due to being free from the war.


  • The Desert City, like most of Sand Garden, has a clear middle-eastern/Egyptian influence.


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