Desert Labyrinth. Eps 62

Red Sand Maze "Desert Labyrinth" (赤い砂漠の迷宮「デザートラビリンス」 Akai Sabaku no Meikyū "Dezāto Rabirinsu"), also known as the Gourmet Hunter Graveyard (美食屋の墓場 Bishoku-ya no Hakaba), is the most dangerous of the many deserts of Sand Garden. With the sand being mixed with iron (that is oxidized by the sun) and the blood of animals, it possesses an ominous red color. The heat there is much more higher than a normal desert, reaching 90°C but perceived as over 100°C because of the sand's reflection, and Toriko is reminded of the Gourmet World's Heat Planet. The heat also creates mirages, altering the whole space in the desert. There are a multitude of quicksand pits and fearsome beasts that dwell within the sand.


  • Sand Flower Fish
  • Unnamed creature made of sand
  • Unnamed giant brutish beast
  • Countless unnamed mutant serpent beasts



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