Developmental Fever Bridge
Area 3 DFB
Japanese 知恵熱橋
Romanized Chienetsu Bashi
English Developmental Fever Bridge
Aliases Section H
Location Area 3
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 246
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The Developmental Fever Bridge (知恵熱橋 Chienetsu Bashi) is found in Area 3 within Gourmet World and leads to Acacia's drink ATOM. The place is mainly described as a area full of poisonous clouds and through these clouds, floats an irregular bridge with squarish patterns and is safe to walk atop of it, so that one doesn't fall to the sea of poisonous clouds.


Developmental Fever Bridge was built by Red Nitro, the slaves of Blue Nitro, in order to safely traverse the cloud sea of poison.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Malisman and Sakura of Biotope 0 are assigned to capture ATOM within this area, but their task is interrupted by Boneless, Kariu, and other members of the Gourmet Corp.[1]


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Coco and Tylan are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture ATOM on the Developmental Fever Bridge.[2]


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