Devil Athletics
Devil Athletics
Japanese デビルアスレチック
Romanized Debiruasurechikku
Aliases Playground of Evil Spirits
Location Regal Island (Human World)
Affiliation Devil Keeper
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 37
Anime Episode 12
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The Devil Athletics (デビルアスレチック), also known as the "Playground of Evil Spirits" (悪霊たちの遊び場), is a large chasm filled with countless stone pillars that rise up from its misty depths and numerous powerful creatures reside on each of the pillars. It is located in the 1st Biotope.


Unknown Beast Devil Athletics

The pillar of the Devil Keeper.

The area is a deep, dark chasm filled with mist that makes it impossible to see its surface. From the depths of the mist arise numerous stone pillars of varying height and width with flat surfaces. Numerous strong beasts make their homes atop these pillars and no plant life grows within this dark and eery place. The largest pillar is owned by a gigantic beast which rules over the area. With such an unnerving atmosphere, Devil Athletics truly does feel like the home of demons.



Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Toriko and Rin had to pass through the Devil Athletics after leaving the White Forest. When they arrived, they knew that they had to pass through this area in order to find the Regal Mammoth before the Gourmet Corp. did. After fighting several beasts atop the pillars, Toriko confronted the Mystery Bird Rubanda which proved to be a dangerous foe due to its illusionary gas. Luckily, with the sudden arrival of Terry Cloth, the Battle Wolf was able to easily located the shifty Rubanda and defeat it easily. Terry then used its heightened senses to lead them through the safest path out of Devil Athletics, even helping them to avoid the Devil Keeper.

BB Corn ArcEdit

After Grinpatch gave up trying to retrieve the GT Robos in the 1st Biotope, he proceeded to eat the creatures of Devil Athletics instead.


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