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Devil Durian
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Japanese 悪魔ドリアンフルーツ
Romanized Akuma Dorian Furūtsu
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Type Fruit
Capture Level Unknown
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
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The Devil Durian Fruit (悪魔ドリアンフルーツ Akuma Dorian Furūtsu) is a horrifyingly odorous fruit that releases a stench so bad bugs won't come within half a kilometer radius of it. The extract of the fruit can be used to make a powerful repelling fragrance which can be used to drive away vicious animals. However due to its overwhelming effectiveness, it is restricted from being used by the Eight Gourmet Laws.
Devil Durian Fragance

A bottle of Devil Durian Fragrance.

Rin uses the extracted fragrance of the Devil Durian as part of her fragrance arsenal without restriction, likely due to being an IGO employee.

Devil Durian stickers

Devil Durian stickers from Toriko Gourmet Collection Sticker Gummi ver.2

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