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Japanese デビルモスキート
Romanized Debirumosukīto
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Type Insect
Capture Level Unknown
Length 7m
Weight 1t
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Unknown
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 60
Anime Episode 21
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The Devil Mosquito is a giant breed of mosquito known for having a strong and flexible proboscis which allows it to easily pierce flesh and suck out blood with ease. Grinpatch made a straw out of its proboscis and uses it as his main weapon and when combined with his amazing lung power it becomes an incredibly deadly tool.


It is a giant maroon-colored mosquito with a large abdomen and two large wings. Its large thorax has over ten long legs with five on each side, with six near the rear and four closer to the head. It also has unusual purple markings on its thorax. It has a rather small head with two large red eyes, two antennas, a pointed nose and its long signature proboscis which is exceptionally sharp.

Anime and Manga DifferenceEdit

Originally in the manga, it was shown sucking the blood out of an animal that resembled a hippo-rhino hybrid, while in the anime it was replaced with a regular hippo.


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