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Grinpatch Sucking Mamga Rat
English Devil Mosquito Straw
Creator(s) Joejoe
Purpose Increases suction and breathing forces
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 59
Anime Episode 20
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Devil Mosquito Straws are very durable straws made out of a Devil Mosquito's proboscis. Grinpatch uses one as a blowpipe to channel his astounding lung capacity or to suck up food.


It resembles an incredibly large bendable straw (complete with a concertina-type hinge) that is almost the same height as Grinpatch himself. It has long stripes going down vertically on its sides with two shades of colors.


The straw is capable of enhancing Grinpatch's incredible lung capacity, allowing him to inhale and exhale air with even greater force that is capable of immense destruction. It is also incredibly resistant to damage as Toriko could not cut it with his normal Knife, but was able to do so after exerting more force. Its durability was further enhanced after it was repaired by Joejoe and coated with the sap of the Rock Oak.


All of Grinpatch's special techniques rely on the use of the Devil Mosquito Straw.

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BB Corn ArcEdit

Grinpatch first used his straw to eat Toriko and Terry Cloth's BB Corn as well as a Magma Rat. He then used it in his fight against Toriko but was eventually cut in half. Grinpatch later gave the straw to Joejoe for repairs.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Grinpatch used his straw during the Gourmet Corp.'s invasion of Cooking Festival to battle Coco and suck up his poison attacks before they could affect the Scum Beasts. He would continue to use his straw throughout their battle which eventually led them deep underground. His continued usage of it (which only burrowed them deeper) was what allowed Coco to find the Bedrock Mineral and the existence of the mysterious world within the planet.


Breath Bazooka
Breath Bazooka
Devil Mosquito Straw 001

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the manga, the straw has a striped pattern with two shades of colors, while in the anime it is completely gray in color without stripes.

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