Dining Planet
Dining planet
Japanese ダイニングプラネット
Romanized Dainingu Puranetto
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Gourmet Nobility
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 278
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The Dining Planet (ダイニングプラネット Dainingu Puranetto) is a location somewhere within the Gourmet World that is hidden to any normal creature but is clearly seen by those who pose a strong amount of Food Luck. The location houses the Gourmet Nobility, the Blue Nitro and is seen as their headquarters.


The Dining Planet appears as a dark and cracked orb that glows around the outside. The inside of the Dining Planet houses different visions of other planets as well as a tall tower that houses the table for the Gourmet Nobility.


AIR ArcEdit

The Dining Planet is first shown when Joie walks an invisible path that begins to show itself as he walks. The path shines as Joie takes each step, leading him to the Dining Planet. Within the Dining Planet, Joie speaks with a group of Blue Nitros known as the Gourmet Nobility about his plans to get Acacia's Full Course Menu as well as the completion of the Ark. The rest of NEO's members are seen near a cliff where the path is located and Nakaume is shown to be able to see the invisible path as Uumen comments on Joie's ability to sense the path from the start.

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