Japanese ディナー
Romanized Dinā
English Dinner
Race Blue Oni
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Hex Food World
Hex Food Beast Knights
Occupation Saiseiya
Partner Brunch
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 282
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Dinner (ディナー Dinā) is a Blue Oni from the Hex Food World's Oniga Village. He is a powerful Saiseiya and part of the Hex Food Beast Knights, the best warriors in the Hex Food World. He partners up with Coco to pass through Poison Rain Prairie on their journey to Slow Rain Hills.



Dinner's color scheme.

Dinner is a Blue Oni of average height, with a slim build, pale skin, large and slick blue hair, a single horn sticking out of the top of his head, long earlobes, fangs, a scar over his nose, and a single large cycloptic eye with a blue iris. He wears a pattern tunic with white pants and black boots. 


Dinner is a very polite and humble individual, but despite this he states that he is regarded as a dangerous creature, a reason for which he considers Coco a kindred spirit who understands the difficulties of being classified as such. He is a compassionate individual who wishes to obtain AIR for the sake of seeing his fellow villagers happy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being one of the Hex Food Beast Knights, Dinner is the best Saiseiya in the Hex Food World, although he is not as skilled as his predecessor.[1]

He is very strong and has no problem facing the dreaded weather of Area 8. He is also a somewhat knowledgeable individual who knows part of the history regarding the Seven Civilizations.

Gourmet CellsEdit

Dinner was born with Gourmet Cells since he is a descendant of those humans captured by the Nitro and injected with Gourmet Cells. Of Acacia's Full Course Menu, he has eaten AIR.[2]



Antidote Flower (解毒の花 Gedoku no Hana): A giant flower that can neutralize the Poison Rain of the Poison Rain Prairie, it makes a good umbrella due to its size. It is an extinct species that Dinner was able to revive.[3]


Viscera Fruit (臓器の実 Zōki no Mi): A small fruit that can restore a damaged organ.[4]


AIR ArcEdit

Dinner is first shown as a member of the Hex Food Beast Knights. He is tasked to go along with Coco through the Poison Rain Prairie to reach the Slow Rain Hills. Dinner and Coco speak a bit while walking. Dinner answers Coco's questions over the presence of the members of the Seven Civilizations and why the Hex Food World survived through all the rough periods. Coco then assures Dinner that they will successfully capture AIR.[5] When the Poison Rain starts to fall, Dinner revives an Antidote Flower to get cover from the lethal rain, while Coco makes a Poison Umbrella to counter the rain. The falling of Poison Hail forces them to make haste to reach the Slow Rain Hills.[6]

Later Dinner and Coco are riding a Croakswagon made from Coco's Poison Doll ability through the Slow Rain Hills. They reach Komatsu in a short while. Dinner is enamored by seeing the Air Fruit at a close distance. Dinner questions Komatsu's decision to wait till the Air Fruit hits the ground, to which Brunch replies that Komatsu can hear AIR's Voice. When Komatsu asks for nutrients for the Air Fruit, Dinner shows the Zuccizucchi, which he had collected from the Poison Rain Prairie, and even revives the ingredients to make them more productive.[7] As Komatsu prepares the fruit, Dinner revives several Kompyang Stars and marvels at the speed at which the tree absorbs them.[8]

After AIR is prepared, Dinner eats the Salad Dish along with everyone from the Hex Food World.[2] When NEO strikes the Slow Rain Hills and everyone from the Hex Food World loses their consciousness, Dinner manages to keep his senses, and while Toriko alone takes on the NEO members, Dinner and Atashino attempt to heal Komatsu.[9] However, they are unsuccessful because of the nature of the wound.[10] Afterwards he sees off the Four Heavenly Kings as they head to Area 7 aboard the Denshark.[11]


  • Like Brunch and Nosh, Dinner's name also comes from a meal eaten on the day.
  • In Gourmet 289's color-spread and several chapters after it, Dinner is drawn without the scar on his nose. This is likely a simple illustration error.


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