Mushroom  Doctor Aloe  Sushi
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Japanese ドクターアロエ
Romanized Dokutā Aroe
English Doctor Aloe
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Type Plant
Capture Level 62
Location Wastelands
Height Grows to nearly 10 meters
Weight 300g per meter
Price 60-900,000 yen per meter (effectiveness depends on crop)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 90
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Doctor Aloe (ドクターアロエ Dokutā Aroe) is a plant that is a natural bandage. It heals scrapes, burns, frostbite, and other afflictions. With just one meter costing upwards of 60,000,000 yen, it is a costly but worthwhile investment, considering nearly any injury can be healed by the curative properties of Doctor Aloe. This is one item a reviver never goes without.


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