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Dodurian Bomb past explosion.gif
IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese ドドリアンボム
Romanized Dodorian Bomu
English Dodurian Bomb
Aliases Smell Bomb
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Fruit
Capture Level 89
Location Dodurian
Length 3m
Weight 4,5t
Price 0 yen ~ 40,000,000 yen
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 177
Anime Episode 101
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The Dodurian Bomb (ドドリアンボム Dodorian Bomu) is a legendary ingredient that went extinct 300 years ago and is known as the world's stinkiest ingredient. However, Teppei has recklessly revived it, and its wretched odor has once again returned to the world.



The Dodurian Bomb up-close.

The yellow fruit is extremely large (larger than Toriko himself); even the thorn-covered Dodurian Tree from where it grows is already incredibly large and is almost as tall as a building. The fruit itself has large thorns covering the husk and has a very bulbous, asymmetrical and grotesque appearance.

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Ripening and Capture[]

The Dodurian Bomb's ripening process.

The Dodurian Bomb can only be eaten upon ripening and its stench is, at its worst, a consequence of it becoming tastier; the fouler its stench, the better it tastes. When the Dodurian Bomb fully ripens, it falls from its branch and onto the ground where its shell breaks and releases a horrific odor. The fruit cannot be approached during the ripening process while wearing protective gear against the stench as it will break apart and disappear. This is because the fruit expects those who seek it to accept it for its stench and all, otherwise it will not approve of the seeker. However, even if the user is unguarded but clearly dislikes the odor, and as long as the seeker holds the feeling of wanting it in their heart, the fruit will not fade.


The foul odor of the Dodurian Bomb is released and smelled world wide... except by Zongeh.

The fruit has the most powerful stench in the world and can be smelled over a hundred kilometers radius. Even close proximity to the fruit itself during the ripening process can cause clothing to rot and deteriorate. The truest testament to its horrifyingly foul stench is that, upon ripening and breaking its shell open, it can release a devastating gaseous explosion that spreads beyond a hundred km radius and is capable of killing vegetation, waking hibernating animals, and killing fish in local seas. The stench itself can even be smelled by all the inhabitants of the Human World.

The Dodurian Bomb rots Toriko and Komatsu's clothes.

The worst possible position to be in during the fruit's explosion is right in front of it as it would be so stinky that those who are there to witness the opening of the fruit's husk will fall instantly in a comatose state that may last a month, and even if they were to awaken early, they will immediately fall unconscious again due to the horrendous odor. This cycle repeats until they overcome the stench with sheer force of will, but even then, the smell will stain the victim so deeply it may last for months and cause those near to faint instantly. The only way to be cured of the horrible odor is to eat a piece of the fruit itself.[1]



The aftermath of the Dodurian Bomb's explosion.

Before it went extinct three-hundred years ago, the Dodurian Bomb was used as a weapon in wars long ago, and was thus dubbed the "Smell Bomb". Apparently, the IGO had to limit its circulation due to how horrifying its odor was. When the last Dodurian Bomb fully ripened in a far off valley and fell from its branch, its intense smell spread 100km across all its surroundings, causing vegetation to rot and bears far away to awaken from hibernation and killing all the fish of local seas. The land was forever known as Dodurian, after the fruit that turned it into a stench-filled wasteland.

Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu finally "obtain" the Dodurian Bomb.

Saiseiya Teppei had been recklessly reviving dangerous ingredients, including the lone Dodurian Bomb from Dodurian Valley. Teppei informs Toriko of his mistake and Toriko sees this as an opportunity to capture the legendary fruit and add it to his Ehou Maki. Toriko and Komatsu travel to Dodurian to collect the fruit and are met with the foul odor of the land, but they continue to move forward. Upon finding it, and just when they are about to rejoice, it turns out that this Dodurian Bomb has just ripened and quickly falls right before them, unleashing a devastating stench that sweeps all across the Human World. This leaves the two heroes in a coma-like state, which they have trouble awakening from, and eventually, after a month, they overcome the stench and collect a piece of the fruit.[2]

Afterwards, they both eat a piece of the fruit and the stench fades from them.[1] When they return to Monchy with their ingredients, he complains about the smell and kicks the Dodurian Bomb, but still includes it in the Ehou Maki. Once it is completed, Komatsu points out that the smell should dissuade other beasts from eating it.[3]

GOD Arc[]

Rainbow Fruit Jelly

During Toriko's and Rin's wedding, small pieces of the Dodurian Bomb was added into the Rainbow Fruit jello along with Bubble Fruit and Surprise Apple. It was, of course, specially prepared so the smell and stink didn't overwhelm and ruined the other ingredients but almost every guest still noticed the horrendous smell. The only one who didn't mind (and actually liked the smell and taste) was Zongeh.


The Dodurian Bomb on the spine of Volume 20.

  • It is referred to as the world's stinkiest ingredient; however, it is unknown if it is the stinkiest in the Human World only, or in both it and the Gourmet World.
  • In the real world, the Dodurian Bomb is similar to Durian Fruit which was commonly called "The King of Fruits" in Southeast Asia and it almost resembles the fruit. It has an edible, nutritional flesh, but has a foul odor that the Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit forbid carrying it on the train. But unlike Dodurian Bomb, it is extremely appetizing to animals including carnivorous tigers, and is rarely used as a throwing weapon due to its sharp thorn-covered husk.


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