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Japanese ドーサ
Romanized Dōsa
English Dohsa
Race Unknown
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday August 16th
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch Subordinate
Partner Cedre (superior)
Bei and Zyper
Gido (formerly, deceased)
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 30 (GT Robo)
Chapter 221
Anime Episode 10 (GT Robo)
Episode 132
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Dohsa (also known as the "Yeti" or "Wild Man") is a member of the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch who, true to his title resembles a large Yeti-like monster.


He is a giant primate-like creature with a purple furry body, pink skin, large muscles, sharp teeth and long shoulder-length white hair. Whether his appearance and size is the result of his Gourmet Cells failing to adapt or if he is even human remains unknown.

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Not much is known about Dohsa's personality, however he appears to be just as vicious and merciless as his fellow 6th Branch members and will gladly kill anything standing in his way.

Powers and Abilities[]

Not much is known about Dohsa's true abilities, but he must've been quite strong to have been allowed the usage of the latest GT Robo model at the time and his monstrous physique likely endows him with great strength. He is also immune to the highly potent "King Sleep Fragrance" of the King Sloth which can put any creature to sleep for a whole month.


Regal Mammoth Arc[]

He was originally assigned the capture of the Regal Mammoth along with Zaiper, Gido and Sedoru as part of a GT Robo capture squad, however after Sous Chef Starjun decided to directly capture the beast himself he decided to take control of Dohsa's GT Robo, effectively removing Dohsa from the operation.

Cooking Fest Arc[]

Dohsa and his partners teasing Rin.

Dohsa, along with assigned partners Bei and Zyper, was one of the many Gourmet Corp. members that invaded Cooking Fest. During the invasion they proceeded to confront Rin after they noticed she was knocking out their beasts.

During their unseen fight, Rin manages to incapacitate Dohsa with ease and appears to have the advantage over Bei in battle, but she is soon disrupted from her fight by the sight of Shigematsu attacking Mansam.


  • It is unknown if he was of gigantic height during the events of the Regal Mammoth Arc or if he was made gigantic after it like his partners Bei and Zyper.
  • In the anime, his hair's color changes from a light blond tone to a darkish fuchsia and backwards in the same episode, most likely due to an animation/design issue from Toei.

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