Don Slime
Don Slime
Japanese ドン・スライム
Romanized Don Suraimu
English Don Slime
Race Appetite Demon
Gender Male Male
Age Over 216
Status Food Spirit; Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation Jiji
Occupation King of Blue Grill[1]
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (host)
Asarudy (host)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 325
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Don Slime (ドン・スライム Don Suraimu) is a mysterious Food Spirit and a traveling companion of Jiji. Despite being a Food Spirit and with some people being unable to see him, Don Slime is the King of Blue Grill, thereby making him the symbol of Blue Grill's civilization.[1] He is the former Appetite Demon of Ichiryu.[2]


V40 Spine

Don Slime's color scheme

Don Slime resembles a short black being with a round body, two arms and two small feet. He lacks any facial features other than a pair of glowing eyes. While performing his duties as King of Blue Grill, he wears on a large crown studded with gems.

As an Appetite Demon, Don Slime's appearance has some differences, some of which are his dark skin showing large, bright cracks and his long dark hair. After recovering his powers, his body size grows immensely. He easily dwarfs all of the humans and the Blue Grill people in his fully recovered form and he grows a large mustache and beard. His eyes show pupils instead of being blank and he sports a broad nose, he also wears his crown and sports two earrings. He wears a striped vest and, on his back, a pair of large utensils (Don Fork and Don Knife).[3] He becomes extremely muscular and the bright cracks cover his arms and face. He also grows four extra legs, for a total of six, and sports a small tail.

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Don Slime appears to be a social spirit but is also very secretive. He seems to get along well with his friend Jiji. He is rarely shown speaking, making him seem even more secretive. While seems to have some form of grudge against his former host Ichiryu, he not only seems to respect him, but he has even shown to miss and be concerned for him when he could not find his soul. He also respects him as he deems him the strongest in the world.

He is very protective of his name, which was given to him by Ichiryu.[4]

After reverting to his original form, he becomes more cocky, as he immediately challenges Neo to a fight. This shows that he thinks highly of his power. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Don Slime recovering his powers

Being a Food Spirit, Don Slime has no corporeal form, as such he cannot be seen or interacted with by ordinary mortals unless they have tasted PAIR.[1] As the King of Blue Grill, Don Slime has a say in many of Blue Grill's happenings, when chefs of Blue Grill wished to test the abilities of the chefs of Human World, it was Don Slime who approved it along with Jiji, showing that he holds power to decide particular things, even matters of great importance. He is also said to be immensely strong, with only Ichiryu being the person to be stronger than him.[5]

Don Slime is possibly the most powerful Appetite Demon of them all, said to be the only one who can match Acacia's demon who has the power to destroy the planet.[6] Don Slime himself claims to have been able to destroy planets with his punches and to have ruled over the universe.[7]

His physical strength is immense as he was easily able to jump into space and back, destroying a mini planet in the process. When he first clashed with Neo, they caused a gigantic explosion.[8]

Don Slime's true strength lies in his ability to manipulate his cells into almost anything. By having been hosted into many different lifeforms as time passed since Gourmet Cells arrived on Earth, Don Slime has forced himself to be hosted by many different lifeforms. With his enhanced cells, he is capable of manipulating his cells and create copies of nearly any living being as well as any object. By using his power to create copies of almost anything on an extreme cellular level, he created a portion of Blue Grill's civilization. When he is revived, he extracts all of his cells from his potential hosts, the whole population of Blue Grill as well as the objects that are around the country, and reforms himself using Asarudy as his host.[9][10]

He is able to create a small, unstable star by condensing an enormous amount of mass into a single point. He claims that the resulting supernova would easily destroy a planet, but Neo eats it before it can do so.[11]


Black Lightning

Black Lightning (黒い稲妻 Kuroi Inazuma): Swinging down his knife, Don calls down black lightning.[12]

Jet Black Tornado

Jet Black Tornado (漆黒の竜巻 Shikkoku no Tatsumaki, Viz: "Pitch-black Twister"): With a swing of his knife, Don creates a twister to trap his opponent.[13]

Black Grater

Black Grater (黒の卸し金 Kuro no Oroshigane): Don raises a bed of spikes.[13]

Tornado Grater

Tornado Grater (竜巻卸し Tatsumaki Oroshi, Viz: "Twister Grater"): With Jet Black Tornado, Don drags his opponent along the spikes.[14]

Torrential Disaster

Rain Down - Torrential Disaster (降り注げ 災害豪雨 Furisosoge - Saigai Gōu, Viz: "Rain Down - Calamitous Torrent"): Don enlarges his muscles, covers his arms in meteors, and then calls down a storm of meteors.[15]



Cooking Festival ArcEdit

During Ichiryu's fight with Midora, Don Slime pleads for his host to fight seriously and to use his power, but Ichiryu refuses.[16]


Well Creature in Jiji's Magneticlam entrance

Don Slime hiding within the Magneticlam.

Don Slime is first seen hiding in the entrance to Jiji's Magneticlam while the Four Heavenly Kings and their support group make their way to Jiji's islet.[17]

After the Four Heavenly Kings and their partners depart, and Jiji and the support group making their way to Blue Grill, Don Slime finally makes his presence known, much to the shock of those present. Jiji then explains that Don Slime eagerly wants to meet them, but Don Slime quickly motions his friend to not say anything else, apparently wanting to keep his intentions secret.[18]

After the Corgolem piece is diced from a great distance by one of Blue Grill's chefs, Komatsu becomes excited to meet them, which Jiji states was the same as Ichiryu's reaction. Don Slime reacts to Ichiryu's name in slight anger, and when Komatsu addresses him as "Slime-san," the Food Spirit corrects the chef. Don Slime accompanies the Human World chefs as they tour Blue Grill. Seeing their excitement and skills, Jiji comments that they will need to show their skills as it is important for them to enter the Back Channel, with which Don Slime agrees instantly.[19]

Don Slime and Jiji take the Human World chefs and skilled personnel to a Seven Shell restaurant in order for them to have a meal. Whilst the chefs enjoy their meal and discover more of Blue Grill's secrets, Don Slime has spoken with Mari regarding a test to see how skilled the Human World chefs are. He then approves the test along with Jiji, and the Human World chefs soon ready themselves to face their Blue Grill contenders.[20]

When the chefs enter Grill Stadium, they find Don Slime sitting on an elegant chair with a crown on his head. Jiji tells the Human World chefs that Don Slime is the King of Blue Grill, and despite being a Food Spirit who could not be seen by some people, he is the symbol of the civilization itself. When the chefs of both Human World and Blue Grill prepare for the showdown, Don Slime shows his excitement, stating he is looking forward to the showdown.[21]


Don Slime joins the journey.

When Jiro, Setsuno, and Chichi discover a part of Neo, Chichi begins talking about how to face the Appetite Demon inside Acacia and mentions that Don Slime is one of the few who would have any hope of taking on Acacia, as Don Slime is the Appetite Demon which had inhabited Ichiryu.[22]

Moon's movement and consumption of a great number of Food Spirits from Soul Hill interrupted Asarudy's match with Chiru, much to Don Slime's displeasure. He acknowledged the abilities of the humans. He then told everyone that they will prepare to revive the former IGO president Ichiryu and proceeded to Soul Hill via Back Channel.[8] Don Slime commanded Asarudy to create a Warp Road from Grill Stadium to the Kitchen of Eternity. When he arrived with Jiji, the Ten-Shell Five, and the Human World chefs, they appeared in front of the line of advancing Food Spirits, whom he blew away. Having seen the situation, Don Slime and Jiji both concluded that Moon had eaten something which caused the Food Spirits to attempt an escape from the creature Moon had eaten.[23] As everyone was informed of the truth behind the project of Blue Grill, Don Slime disappeared to an unknown area.

With the chefs being informed of the current situation at hand as well as what they needed to do to proceed, Don Slime spoke to Ika, who informed Don Slime that Don Slime must be revived quickly as Neo will revive soon.[24] Don Slime spoke with Ika about the current situation at hand. Ika informed Don Slime that not only was Neo close to reviving but he couldn't locate the soul of Ichiryu, the man they were reviving. Don Slime worried about the problem. While both Human World and Blue Grill people cooked parts of Acacia's Full Course Menu, under the Kitchen of Eternity, Don Slime continued creating a new body for his former host, questioning what happened to Ichiryu's soul and wishing to have a meal with his former host.[25]

When the chefs went into the World of Souls, Don Slime assisted the chefs in preparing ANOTHER by creating clones to watch over the chefs while he himself looked for the soul of Ichiryu.[26] After ANOTHER was completed, all of the chefs were blasted back into the physical world thanks to ANOTHER, and Asarudy regained his memories. Having known Don Slime's true origins, he offered himself to Don Slime as his new host as Don Slime failed to find Ichiryu's soul.[9]

When the group prepared to leave, Don Slime ate as much food as he could since he was recently revived. He then proceeded to join Komatsu and his group to assist the Heavenly Kings in their battle to obtain Acacia's Full Course Menu.[27]

As the world stirs and the demon Neo becomes active, sending parts of itself across Gourmet World, in Area 6, the chefs of both Blue Grill and the Human World finish their part in cooking ANOTHER. Don Slime has regained his power and prepares himself to depart along with the other Human World skilled personnel and Blue Grill chefs. As he tries to correct Komatsu about his name, he instead tells that it would be best to call him a natural disaster filled with malice.[28]

He then proceeds to jump into the ocean of Area 6, using it as a stepping stone to jump into space where he lands on the moon. Turning around, he jumps off of the moon, causing it to explode. While flying towards the earth, he spots Neo in Area 2. Seemingly enraged, they clash.[8]

Don Slime and Neo battle for some time, with neither side gaining the upper hand and Neo only calling for Don Slime to scream for him. Don Slime realizes that Neo is eating his attacks to become more powerful. Determined to win, he unleashes his secret weapon: an incredibly dense star he created that is about to die, which will wipe out all life within several light-years. However, Neo consumes the star as well, and begins consuming a weakened Don Slime. As he is being eaten, Don Slime recalls a conversation he had with Ichiryuu in the World of Souls, before realizing that Neo's cells have a different "color" than normal cells.[29]


Don Slime Submission

Don Slime submission

  • Don Slime is the third Appetite Demon shown to be able to function outside of his host's body: the first being Toriko's Blue Demon and the second, Joie's unnamed Appetite Demon.
  • Don Slime is the work of a fan from Kagoshima Prefecture. As such he is the first beast submission to be made into a character rather than a beast.
    • His creator seems to have based Don Slime on the "King Slime" enemies found in several RPGs.
      • This is further supported when Ichiryu decided to name him Slime because of his appearance, only to add 'Don' to the title since he didn't like being called something so weak, and that he was once the king of the Universe.


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