Dust Zone
Japanese ダストゾーン
Romanized Dasutozōn
Location Human World, Below the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 156
Anime Episode 83
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Dust Zone is a large artificial island in the middle of the ocean created from the leftovers and garbage discarded from the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen located high above the clouds.



The garbage rain of Dust Zone filled with countless corpses.

All the garbage dropped from the Dining Kitchen above has piled up in the middle of the ocean to form a rotten landfill filled with corpses, garbage and other discarded ingredients and materials. The fact that there's enough garbage to rise from the ocean depths shows just how much waste the Gourmet Corp. has discarded over the years as well as their disregard for animals and ingredients, as they will often just remove one or a few parts from an animal and throw the rest of the whole body into the landfill below. The sky around Dust Zone is dark and yellow with clouds that are brown and polluted.



The animals of Dust Zone.


The local animals eating leftovers.

The Dust Zone has become inhabited by a large assortment of unnerving-looking beasts that thrive on the waste and feed on the leftovers and are likely either beasts that immigrated there or escaped from the Dining Kitchen and survived. Some of the beasts resemble canines or humanoids with pitch black skin and protruding veins while others resemble giant snake or worm-like creatures.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


Dust Zone canines in the anime.

  • In the anime, the little black-colored humanoid animals that inhabit Dust Zone were changed to resemble canines.
  • In the anime, the beast they ate that fell from Dining Kitchen was a dragon while in the manga it was a bird.


  • The Dust Zone bears similarities to Great Pacific Garbage Patch located within the North Pacific Gyre. As both are massive floating landfills that are man made and have a damaging effect on the environment.

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