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Gourmet world and human world
Japanese 地球
Romanized Chikyū
Aliases Gourmet Planet (グルメ惑星, Gurume wakusei)
Type Planet
Affiliation Eight Kings, Gourmet Nobles, IGO
Residents Beasts
Monster Trolls
Appetite Demons
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 2
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Earth (地球, Chikyū), also known as the Gourmet Planet (グルメ惑星, Gurume wakusei) or simply the World (世界, Sekai) is the main setting of Toriko. It is the home world of Humans, Nitros and other unique races, as well as a large assortment of powerful and strange animals that make up the vast majority of the planet's inhabitants.

The time period in which the story takes place on this planet is known as the Gourmet Age which began approximately 500 years ago, with current events within the story taking place around the year 504 GA.[1][2]


Toriko blank map

A detailed map of planet with the Gourmet World surrounding the Human World.

With a circumference of 220,000 kilometers[3], the planet is a gigantic one far larger than our world in size and has a very unusual form of gravity, with some areas having stronger fields of gravity than others, which may work in peculiar ways depending on the area. The planet is divided into two halves, the Human World, and the Gourmet World. The Human World takes up about 30% of the planet's surface and is the least hostile area of the planet. The Gourmet World is the largest, taking up around 70% of the planet's surface, and is a place of incredible dangers and inhospitable environments.[4] However, what both halves share in common is being a host to a wide assortment of delicious and valuable gourmet ingredients. It is said that the ingredients in Gourmet World are of superior taste than most of the Human World's ingredients. Each half of the planet has a distinct geography; the Human World is far more easy to inhabit with a very stable ecosystem and environment, while the Gourmet World has an unstable and chaotic environment, far less easy to inhabit, and is mostly natural and untouched by man. The Human World, in contrast to the Gourmet World, is quite populated and has countless countries and nations filled with settlements and bustling cities that are far more advanced then our world. However, there are still vast regions of untouched wilderness where nature thrives. The planet also has a third area, a unique region located deep within its core that is simply known as the "Food Field"; a place that is said to house the source of all food and life on the planet, where every kind of ingredient and flavor can be found. Not much is actually known about this place outside of theories and assumptions, however.[5]


Human World's NationsEdit

IGO HQ Eps 48

The IGO, the de facto rulers of the world.

In terms of government, the world, mainly the Human World, has no official world government and is primarily ruled by many forms of government, ranging from monarchies, republics, empires, democracies and many others across its nations and many are a part of the United Nations, however the vast majority of nations are in fact affiliated with the International Gourmet Organization which holds far greater influence than the United Nations and any other global organization, and even though they primarily deal in food-related matters, they have also made great strides in politics and political negotiations, and the majority of the population supports the laws and decisions of the IGO above anything else, making them the unofficial leaders of the Human World.[6]

Gourmet World's Eight KingsEdit


The Eight Kings, the powerful rulers of the Gourmet World.

The Gourmet World is a vast and lawless domain where only beasts rule and where less than seven civilizations managed to survive in its realm. Despite this, eight beasts of unfathomable power simply known as the Eight Kings act as the absolute authority over the Gourmet World which is divided into eight areas, each ruled by one of the Kings, however these "kings" may or may not take an active role in controlling or maintaining the balance of their environment and some may do nothing with their influence at all, but those who do are quite fearsome and quick to anger if that which they protect is threatened.[7]

The Gourmet NoblesEdit


The Gourmet Nobles, the former rulers of the world.

Other than the Eight Kings, within the Gourmet World there also exists a group of Nitros simply known as the Gourmet Nobles who once ruled the entire world and now seek to usurp the current Eight Kings and rule over the world's inhabitants once again. Long ago, these nobles ruled over humanity and used them as slaves or cattle; even members of their own kind were not spared from the savage and cruel slavery, as any Nitro who was not born a Blue Nitro would have their vocal chords destroyed and turned into mindless servants known as Red Nitro. Currently, their full power and influence is unknown, as well as how many members of their own kind are still governed by them, but what is known is that they still seem to hold great power and influence over world events and still seek to do whatever it takes to remove the Eight Kings from their thrones as they are the only things standing between them and complete control of the world and its resources.[8][9]

Coco's TheoryEdit


The theoretical formation of the planet as it was transformed by the meteor.


The meteor that changed the world according to Coco's theory.

After Coco of the famed Four Heavenly Kings discovered the supposed Food Field near the planet's center and the Bedrock Minerals near it, he hypothesized that the planet they currently live on was not always as gigantic as it is now, suspecting that hundreds of millions of years ago, it was once far smaller and somewhat resembled real world Earth, although with continents of slightly different shape.

Coco theorized that a meteorite made from this unique Bedrock Mineral struck the Earth long ago and embedded itself in its core and began growing from its energies, eventually becoming a new gigantic landmass with a mantle and crust far larger than the original planet and it enveloped the Earth, becoming what is now known as the Gourmet World and most of the Human World. What was left of the old planet became the Human World region known as Central Human World, the only place where the Bedrock Mineral cannot be found.


The world's appearance several hundred million years ago.

This is believed to be possible thanks to the unique properties of the Bedrock Mineral which allow it feed on all forms of energy and grow from them like a living being and its unique nature of actually being a host of Gourmet Cells. It is also believed that it is this unique nature that allowed for the explosion in the variety of ingredients on the planet and turning the animals of the planet into the beasts they are today, resulting in this world's Cambrian Period.

Coco believes that the source of this explosion of life was created when the meteorite embedded itself in the core, which resulted in the creation of what he believes is the "Food Field", the source of all ingredients on the planet as well as the mysterious Gourmet Cells, which is why he suspects the Food Field was in the core of the planet. However, even Coco himself is not too sure about the validity of this theory and still considers it mostly conjecture on his part.[5]

Kaka's Statement Edit

Demon King Cooking

The Earth being cooked by the Demon King in order to "ripen".

During the capture of PAIR by the Heavenly Kings, many information had been passed around despite the festivity. Kaka, one of the three Flavor Sages, tells the Heavenly Kings as well as the other skilled personnel of the Human World about Earth's impending destruction during the upcoming Solar Eclipse. She first states the true nature of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse; it is not only a sign of Earth's end but also an event with a purpose, which is to adjust the heat of Earth in order for it to "ripen". She then continues by first confirming that Gourmet Cells didn't originate from Earth (the theory first made by Coco) but since the arrival of Gourmet Cells, the Earth itself is actually being cooked as if it were a planetary sized ingredient by the Blue Nitro and their slaves, the Red Nitro. The proof of the Earth's flavor and being cooked came from Acacia's own Full Course Menu, where she revealed each item on his menu are food that would manifest from the Earth's own Gourmet Cells every few centuries. However, most of the ingredients, which used to be abundant, would no longer be obtain from this method due to the original Eight Kings. While it is currently unknown for most of them, it is known and confirmed that the original Monkey King drank up the original spring which was the source of PAIR. In doing so, his species would become the new source of PAIR.

Cycle of destruction and rebirth Edit

After the defeat of Acacia and his appetite demon, Neo, the Earth was still on the verge of exploding. Acacia and PAIR soon revealed the true nature of planets full of Gourmet Cells as it was going on. Whenever a planet has finally reach its cap of Gourmet Cells, or rather when it is 'fully cooked,' the planet can no longer contain itself and will eventually destroy itself. During this, the planet will explode into ingredients that contains the best flavors while it was whole. Overtime, the ingredients will gather up and a new planet will form, containing new ingredients with better flavors than the previous one. This cycle, according to PAIR, is a natural cycle that's been occurring for billions of years and was Neo's true plan for the planet.


  • Numerous cameos and references to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro's previous manga Seikimatsu Leader den Takeshi! have appeared numerous times in the world of Toriko, indicating that both series take place in the same universe or that the characters from Takeshi simply have parallel counterparts in Toriko.


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