Eco Land
Eco Land
Japanese エコランド
Romanized Eko Rando
English Eco Land
Location Human World
Nearby Simple Diet Hill
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 178
Anime Episode 102
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Eco Land (エコランド Eko Rando) is a location that resides in the Human World and nearby Simple Diet Hill. This land does not rely on man-made electricity and gas or plumbing; instead they live 100% off the blessings of nature. This land also has the gentlest creatures in the world, since it lives in the splendor of nature, but it also lacks any high-class ingredients as does the rest of Simple Diet Hill, which only hosts ingredients of simple taste. However the only high-class ingredient in Eco Land is the Eco Nori. Nonchy is the mayor of Eco Land.

Known VillagersEdit

  • Nonchy
  • Several other unnamed individuals

Flora and FaunaEdit

The creatures that reside here are the most gentle creatures in the Human World, since they live in a land where the people use elements of nature. They use some of these creatures to power up the house with natural gas and electricity.



One of the many Eco Rabbits that dot Eco Land



Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Eco Land

Toriko and Komatsu visit Eco Land to get some Eco Nori from the Solar Turtle. After meeting Nonchy and powering up the Solar Turtles in the whole village, Toriko receives some Eco Nori.

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