Ehou Maki falls

Toriko's Ehou Maki.

Ehou Maki (恵方巻き Ehō-maki, literally meaning "Lucky Direction Roll") is a special type of sushi roll. Ordinary Ehou Makis are eaten for good fortune, but the famous sushi artisan and fortuneteller Monchy can use the Ehou Maki to locate specific rare ingredients.


Monchy doing his Monchy Press

Monchy, preparing/wrestling the Ehou Maki ingredients.

Monchy's Ehou Maki needs to be made with very specific ingredients depending on the rarity and location of the ingredient for which one is searching. If the sought after ingredient is rare, then ingredients of near equal rarity must be used for the Ehou Maki in order to find it. Also it requires ingredients that will help keep the Ehou Maki safe from being eaten by others and keep it sturdy.

Monchy prepares his Ehou Maki in an unusual way (by wrestling them in a match). This allows him to compress the large amounts of ingredients together into a suitably sized Ehou Maki.

The completed Ehou Maki will be of incredible height and width, the size of a skyscraper. However because it is compressed, it can actually become bigger as it falls due to losing pressure, causing it to extend all the way to the location of the sought after ingredient, making it seem unbelievably enormous in length. It must then be eaten in the direction it is pointing in order to locate the desired ingredient. Depending on the location and the length of the Ehou Maki, this may take days. Luckily the Ehou Maki can stay fresh for very long periods.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Toriko uses an Ehou Maki to locate the Shokurin Temple in the Lost Forest.

The Ehou Maki that Toriko orders is known to be comprised of the following ingredients:


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