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The Eight Kings
Eight Kings Together
All Eight Kings
Japanese () (おう)
Romanized Yaō
Base of Operations Gourmet World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 252 (mentioned)
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The Eight Kings ( () (おう) Yaō) are eight beasts, each from a different 'King' species of animal, individually regarded as the most powerful beings in the world. They serve as the absolute rulers of the eight major continents of Gourmet World, and have since ancient times. The Eight Kings have tremendous power and even the world's strongest individuals cannot act carelessly when in their presence.

Usually a single species of overwhelmingly powerful beast at the top of the food chain (sometimes called a 'King' species) provides the individual Kings of each continent, such as the Herac of Area 8 or the Ballboons of Area 7. Their local power thus secured, the Eight Kings and their proxies battle each other in a constant, warlord-like rivalry across Gourmet World.

Nevertheless, the Kings help to preserve the balance of the complex ecosystems they rule, making them essential to the balance of life. Further, each serves as ultimate guardian to one of the world's own Full Course Ingredients, known to modern humans through the research of the 'Gourmet God', Acacia. This balancing role has brought the Kings into conflict with the notorious Blue Nitro, who regard them warily and seek to steal the ingredients they defend. In the distant past, the Eight Kings used their power in order to free humans and members of the Red Nitro slave caste. They also fought against a beast which had been unleashed to cause chaos within the Human World, the Four Beast.

In the modern era, the conflict between the Kings and the Blue Nitro is coming to a head rapidly as the Gourmet Eclipse approaches. In recent years the Nitro have moved actively against at least some of the Kings, such as in their interruption of the breeding cycle of Area 8's King species, the Herac. 


Following the battle against Neo, and having procured a great loss from the demon, the Eight Kings have officially retired from their position as top predator and ruler of their respective areas in Gourmet World. This is because when a member of the Eight Kings lose even one battle, they are no longer considered 'kings'. In their stead, other beasts, such as the Regal Mammoth, Troll Kong, and the Devil Serpent, as well the young Battle Wolf, Terry, have come to compete to fill these empty positions of power and establish a new generation of rulers [1].

Known Kings

Eight Kings
DerousMS BattleWolfMS EmperorCrowMS MotherSnakeMS
“Dragon King”
Area 1
"Wolf King"
Area 2
“Crow King”
Area 3
“Snake King”
Area 4
DeerKingMS MoonMS BambinaMS HeraclesMS
"Deer King"
Area 5
"Whale King"
Area 6
"Monkey King"
Area 7
“Horse King”
Area 8

Distinction from others

Despite each of the Kings having unique appearances that sets them apart due to their differing species and races, almost all of the Eight Kings have one feature in common which determines their true nature as Kings. This is the immense scars which cover their bodies from the intense battles they have had during their time.

Kings such as Guinness and Heracles are shown to have numerous battle scars that cover their bodies and some covering near their faces. These scars do not heal themselves despite the regeneration capabilities which the Kings may have from consuming vast amounts of food and possibly Gourmet Cells. These scars, like ones from Appetite Demon hosts, are a representation of who they truly are - in the case of the Eight Kings, it shows that they are the highest in the hierarchy, being the apex predators of the lands they rule.

Exempt from these features of scars is Bambina and Moon. Due to Bambina's nature of hiding his true form underneath a layer of skin and fur, his body is seemingly protected from any damages that could otherwise prove fatal. Even in his true form, Bambina seems to have no actual battle scars that cover his body, this may be due to the more peaceful life of isolation that he lives. Moon also appears with almost no battle scars whatsoever as much like Bambina, Moon is protected with an outer layer which prevents its true form from taking any damage. As seen with its fight against Acacia, Moon protects itself with a powerful outer shell that is composed of material comparable to meteorites.

Powers and Abilities


Two of the Kings face off and create an Emperor Ring.

Since they are considered the most powerful beings in the world, it is obvious that their abilities are top notch but unknown to what extent. However it is hinted by Mappy that their individual strength further separates them from their species as only they bear the title of the king. This is proven to be true when Mappy states that, while there are other Herac within Area 8, only one of them is known by the name of Heracles

When members of the Eight Kings face off against each other, a rare and powerful storm known as the Emperor Ring is formed over the skies of Gourmet World to signify the clash of between Kings. 

The Eight King are so powerful that a single footprint of theirs from thousands of years ago still emanates with such a powerful aura that even descendants of the Eight Kings (like Terry Cloth, Quinn and Kiss) quiver in fear from it. Even the Four Heavenly Kings are wary of their power. The environment within the footprint depends on the mood of the Kings when it was made. When the current "King" of Area 8, Heracles, made a footprint on Yutou Island, the ground became barren and not a single blade of grass grew where she tread, clearly indicating her fury at the time. However, if they are in a good mood at the time, their footprint can become a veritable paradise.


Aside from their immeasurable strength, what truly makes these mighty creatures 'king' is their "sensitivity" to nature, much like how small animals can sense predatory threats, changes in the weather, or imminent natural disasters. This allows them to sense tiny occurrence across the planet which may prove important to their survival, to a far greater extent than even the most keen animals. Even non-natural crises and events can be detected or anticipated by the Kings, such as their detection of Toriko's rising power following his duel with Starjun. This nearly omniscient power is what has ultimately allowed the Kings to survive countless mass-extinction events which otherwise would have been lethal even to them.


Like most creatures in Gourmet World, the Eight Kings have powerful Intimidation which they can use in order to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. Unlike other creatures however, the Eight Kings have an Intimidation which seems to be almost always present due to their immense power. Being in the presence of a King will instantly strike fear to anyone. When Heavenly King Toriko first encountered Heracles, he instantly felt the Horse King's intimidation as he felt her extreme power travel through his body making him shake in fear. This is shown again when the Heavenly Kings first meet Bambina, despite Bambina being nonchalant at the presence of the Heavenly Kings, the Heavenly Kings still felt its great power through its intimidating aura and when Bambina felt a slight sense of rage, his rage became a feeling of death to the Heavenly Kings.


  • Despite being the strongest creatures, the Battle Wolf, the Emperor Crow and the Herac are critically endangered. However the Battle Wolf's lack of population is mostly due to its lone lifestyle, and the Herac's is due to interference by the Blue Nitro.
  • The Devil Serpent is a unique species of beast whose power can vary significantly amongst individuals of the species. The strongest class of Devil Serpent can grow to become strong enough to challenge one of the Eight Kings, most notably the Battle Wolf.
  • When Ichiryu and Midora battled, they created an Emperor Ring larger, than any Eight Kings' Ring ever seen. It is safe to say that Jiro also possesses the same level of power. When then Midora faced Acacia merged with Neo, the Emperor Ring they created was almost as large as the Earth.
  • Terry Cloth, Kiss and Quinn have managed to create an Emperor Ring of their own in the Human World when they faced off during their training to enter Gourmet World, a possible indication that they have the potential to become Kings. It may also indicate that members of the Eight Kings species are capable of creating rings when they face off against each other, but to a lesser extent since their ring was still rather small and only covered a little area.


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