Japanese えくぼちゃん
Romanized Ekubo-chan
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Age 80
Professional Status
Affiliation Jidar
Occupation Drug Peddler
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 160
Anime Episode 88
Japanese Mika Kanda
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Ekubo-chan is a drug peddler residing in the center of the Jidar Kingdom who sells Poison Stars.


Ekubo-chan is a short and elderly light-skinned woman with short brown hair tied in a bun and has a very wrinkled face. She wears a patched up and dirty purple kimono.


Much of personality is not known. She appears to be a kind and innocent old woman, although she is willing to sale Poison Stars despite the terrible harm they can cause due to their poison. However considering the living conditions of Jidar, she may not have much of a choice on what she sells.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

When Coco, Toriko and Komatsu arrived in the Jidar Kingdom, Komatsu was greeted by Ekubo-chan while walking the streets who immediately offered to sell him some Poison Stars. Toriko quickly warned Komatsu of their dangers and chose not to buy any.


  • Her name means "dimple".

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