Elboh Eps 49
Japanese エルボー
Romanized Erubō
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 18th April
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Occupation IGO 18th Barrier Surveillance Chief
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 111
Anime Debut Episode 49
Japanese Voice Takaguchi Kousuke
English Voice Kent Williams
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Elboh is an officer of IGO's Bureau of Defense and the Surveillance Chief of the 18th Barrier entrance to the Gourmet World.


Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Toriko met with Elboh at the 18th Barrier high on a cliff were he planned to enter the Gourmet World, Elboh warned him to be cautious as those who enter from that point never return, nonetheless Toriko went ahead and leaped from the cliff side.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

The Dodurian BombEdit

When Toriko and Komatsu succeeded in finding the Dodurian Bomb they needed to complete their Ehou Maki, they found that it had already ripened and fallen from its branch causing it to explode and release such a powerful stench that it was smelled worldwide, even by Elboh who is stationed in the very border between the Human World and Gourmet World.

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