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Electromagnetic Eel
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Japanese 電磁ウナギ
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Type Fish
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Borders of Human World and Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu
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The electromagnetic eel (電磁ウナギ) is a creature that can release powerful electomagnetic waves. The waves are powerful enough to disturb machinery from far distances and through thick substances such as orichalclam. While they live along the borders of human world and gourmet world, some can be found in Acacia's Kitchen.


The body is incredibly thick, with black-colored scales, a light-gray underbelly, and gray fins. It has bright yellow eyes along with a large mouth, with its teeth lining both its jaw and esophagus. It's body has organs that are able to produce powerful electromagnetic waves for hunting. Additionally, it appears to have some method to move itself above ground because it is able to crawl back into a lake after it jumped out.


Bishokushin no Secial MenuEdit

After Toriko, Komatsu, Terry, Rin, and Teppei entered Acacia's Kitchen, they came across a field of cabbages. A savannah dragon then flew by overhead and above a lake, where an electromagnetic eel jumped out and bites its leg while simultaneously sending electricity into the dragon's body. The dragon then bites the eel's head, forcing it to let go and fall down to the land below. The savannah dragon then flies off as the electromagnetic eel crawls back into the lake in defeat. Toriko then hypothesized that one of the eels may have caused the mach helicopter's gauges to break.