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Japanese エレファントサウルス
Romanized Erefantosaurusu
English Elephantsaurus
Aliases Dealer of Rampage (暴れ屋 Abare-ya)
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 17
Length 15m
Height 6.5m
Weight 10t
Price 1kg / 250,000 yen (Meat),
300,000,000 yen per tusk
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Northern Continent
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 21
Anime Episode 7
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The Elephantsaurus (エレファントサウルス Erefantosaurusu) is a dinosaur-like reptile beast with the appearance of a docile elephant but the brutality of a predator, earning it the nickname Dealer of Rampage (暴れ屋 Abare-ya).


As mentioned before, its appearance resembles that of a an elephant but it is in fact a green dinosaur-like creature. It has a pair of tusks growing out of the sides of its trunk-like neck, its head is located at the end of the "trunk" and it has a hunched back that resembles an Elephant's head, even having two indentations which resemble eyes on it. The only thing it lacks to perfect the Elephant-like appearance are the ears.

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It is a carnivorous creature with a very patient hunting style; preferring to bide its time and have its prey come to it which is made possible by its unique elephant-like appearance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It uses its Elephant-like body as a form of camouflage to lure unsuspecting Elephant predators or herbivorous animals near it and once they approach, it preys on them when their guard is down. It is a slow mover, but considering its greatest advantage is masquerading as a plant-eater, it doesn't need to move fast to catch prey.


The tusks of an Elephantsaurus make excellent ornaments in any wealthy home and it is even said that they raise the luck to those who acquire them. Just one tusk can fetch a price of 300,000,000 yen.

As FoodEdit

The meat of the Elephantsaurus is edible and can fetch a high price with Gourmet Wholesalers. However its meat is not as valuable as its tusks, with only 1 kilogram of meat being worth 250,000 yen.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

An Elephantsaurus, a Silverback, a Growlrus, and a Gerold are placed in a Gourmet Coliseum match against a Battle Wolf.[1] When Toriko realizes that the wolf is pregnant, he comes to her defense[2] and throws the Elephantsaurus against the ring's dome.[3]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Bakushoku Gourmet BattleEdit

Elephantsauruses appear as enemies that can be hunted for ingredients. They also have a new Elephantsaurus subspecies (エレファントサウルス亜種 Erefantosaurusu ashu), which is completely blue in color.


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