Elg arrives
Japanese エルグ
Romanized Erugu
English Elg
Aliases Ageless Elg, Ever-young Elg
Race Human/Heraku hybrid
Gender Male Male
Birthday 19th March
Age Around 200
Status Deceased
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. 1st Branch Chief
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 101 (mentioned)
Gourmet 171 (appeared)
Anime Episode 44 (mentioned)
Episode 97 (appeared)
Japanese Takahashi Hiroki
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Elg (エルグ Erugu), also known as Ageless Elg (不老のエルグ Furō no Erugu), was the Chief of Gourmet Corp.'s 1st Branch, the Cooking Assistance Team, and one of the organization's oldest members, having been alive for around 200 years prior to his death. He was immortal due to having fused his body with that of the legendary “Horse King”, Heraku.

Originally, he was the only Branch Chief (and one of the few members of the Gourmet Corp.) capable of entering Gourmet World without use of a GT Robo before the organization's rise in power.[1]

Despite his status as immortal, he eventually and remarkably met his end at the hands of Brunch, whom he held no ill will towards during his final moments.[2]


Elg arriving at CF

Elg the centaur.

Elg's true face

Elg's true face.

Elg was a tall, muscular man with black hair whose upper body was usually completely covered in bandages from the waist up to conceal his "true" appearance. His most notable feature was that he had the lower body of a child Heraku "Horse King" (which resembles a sorrel leopard Appaloosa horse with cloven hooves) due to having fused his body with one over 200 years ago through an unknown procedure. As a result of his equine trait, he resembles a centaur. Without his bandages, his upper body had the same pigment as his lower body, and his face seemed to have had rather normal human features. His eyes, however, lacked pupils, and was completely white.

In actuality, the normal face he was seen with was but a fake which he used to hide his deformed appearance which he was extremely ashamed of.

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Elg came off as a cold and uncaring individual with an apathetic tone to almost everything. He was completely fearless due to his inability to die, and lacked almost any strong emotion or sense of interest to things that do not stimulate his brain and leave a long term impression on him, due to having been alive for so long. However, in battle, he can act quite excited and ruthless, and showed no sign of hesitation when facing his opponent. Because of his advanced age, he believes himself to be "The Oldest Chef".

In truth, his emotionless and uncaring personality was a result of having lived a harsh life filled with cold scrutiny and insults, where he suffered much abuse and mockery from others due to his deformed appearance, to the extent he hid his appearance with a false face and bandages from his peers. This made him very self-conscious about his appearance. It wasn't until Brunch finally complimented his appearance that he truly felt like a normal person and began to truly show genuine compassion and happiness during his final moments.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having been the First Branch Chief and one of the first members of the Gourmet Corp. capable of entering Gourmet World without a Robo, he was an individual of great strength and power.[1] His vast age also gave him immense experience and wisdom. His Gourmet Cells proved strong enough to be compatible with the legendary Phantom Beast Herac, and because of this, his body was immortal, capable of surviving even the most severe and deadly attacks imaginable.

In terms of physical prowess, he was both extremely fast, surprising even the lightning swift Brunch and putting a scratch on his face, and strong. It was later discovered that he was able to cut Brunch because he had hidden some clones in advance, demonstrating some skills in strategy.

Elg stated that his "immortal body" was constantly learning and adapting, which it did at a very quick pace. After fighting a while with Brunch, his body's electrical resistance rose, though not as much as he believed.


Elg was granted immunity to aging and almost any form of damage that would be considered lethal to living creatures, thanks to Heraku's powerful regenerative abilities. This made him strong enough to endure Brunch's 100 million volt attacks or even being cut into a hundred pieces, as he just instantly regenerated any lost or damaged tissue.

Brunch suspected that the Heraku's immortality is due to the regeneration of pluripotent cells. Before pluripotent cells take damage and die, they rapidly make copies of themselves, thus instantly forming a whole new body. However, since Elg displayed this particular skill after having his body completely electrocuted, burnt and destroyed (which even shocked Brunch), the full mechanics of his immortality remained unexplained.[3]

This ability had one potential drawback that Brunch exploited: Due to the fact that Elg's body continually regenerated from any damage, when confronted with an attack that endlessly injured him, his cells became trapped in an endless cycle of repair, with an upper limit to how many times his Gourmet Cells can continually repair themselves before giving up. Rather than face an eternity of being electrocuted, Elg's body ceased its nonstop regeneration, causing him and his clones to crumble to ashes.

Clonal FragmentationEdit

Elg's clones

Elg's many clones.

Elg was capable of clonal fragmentation, wherein he can make a full grown clone of himself from a single split-off fragment of his body. Even if he's cut into a hundred pieces, he can regenerate himself and all his pieces will become fully grown Elg clones, making his body capable of producing an entire army from itself. This was achieved thanks to the Nou-Darake Gene, which allowed nerves to form a brand new brain if separated from the main body; The rest of the organism can then be generated. It should be noted that, despite being nothing more than cells in origin, the clones still retained Elg's memories.[4]


Herak Kick small

Herac Kick (ヘラクキック Heraku Kikku): Some of Elg's clones hide underground and then grab the legs of the opponent from below to immobilize him, while another slams him in the chest with his two front hooves. This attack damaged Brunch heavily.[5]



Young Elg Eps 139

A young Elg rejected by those around him because of his appearance.

Elg was born with a deformed face, and suffered greatly for most of his life due to the abuse, insults and rejection he received from others about his appearance, which caused him much emotional grief.

Around 200 years ago, Elg acquired the body of a child Phantom Beast Herac and used an unknown procedure to fuse his upper body to the neck of the beast, which granted him immortality. After so many years of living, he grew a disinterest to anything that didn't manage to make a permanent impression on his brain.

At an unknown point, he joined the Gourmet Corp., and began wearing bandages around his upper body to conceal his true appearance from Midora, so as not to upset his boss with his actual face.

Century Soup ArcEdit

Elg was first mentioned by Alfaro during his meeting with Midora as one the few who are capable of entering the Gourmet World without a GT Robo.[1]

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Bishokukai awaiting Ichiryuu

The Gourmet Corp. awaiting Ichiryuu.

Elg made his first appearance when Ichiryuu came to the Gourmet Corp.'s Main Base in the Gourmet World to meet Midora. He was part of the first line of defense along with his fellow Branch Chiefs Yuu and Jerry Boy. However, none of them had the opportunity to fight, as their boss ordered them to stand down. As Ichiryuu left, he managed to release a powerful level of intimidation which moved almost everyone in the room, including Elg.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Gourmet Corp. InvasionEdit

Elg still not defeated

Elg has only just begun to fight.

Elg is seen with Starjun, Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Chiyo, Limon, and a few Scum Beasts as they prepare their assault on the Cooking Festival. When the assault starts, he targets Brunch first and proclaims how amused the Boss would be if he knew Brunch were there. Brunch, however, does not hesitate to attack Elg with his Parallel Electric Punch, which stuns Elg for a while. Elg is seen standing once more and facing off against a carefree Brunch as his bandages begin to fall.[6]

Immortal Elg vs Tengu BrunchEdit

Spiral Lightning Fine Cut

An intense battle ensues.

He properly introduces himself but is interrupted by Brunch's quick attack. Elg stands up once more completely unscathed and prepares for his attack. Elg and Brunch continue to exchange blows, with Brunch dodging and Elg taking them head-on, but each hit leaves no impression on Elg. After lunging at Brunch at an inhuman speed, he scolds him for not letting him finish his introduction and reveals to him his full title and the fact that he is immortal, explaining his fusion with the body of the legendary and mythical Herac. After the chef uses his Lightning Kitchen Knife on him, Elg regenerates and clones himself from his remains and used his Herac Kick to knock Brunch down, mocking him for his weakness.[7]

Brunch wins over Elg

Elg is defeated by Brunch.

However, Brunch stands back up and resumes fighting, unleashing a series of devastating attacks and grasping the true mechanics behind Elg's cloning ability, the Nou-Darake Gene. Brunch lures his opponent into pummeling him, and Elg, believing his body's electric resistance rose almost to immunity, eagerly fulfills the chefs expectations and gives him a beating. Brunch readies his Secret Technique: Series Great Electrification Attack and strikes all the clones. While his opponents are in pain, he explains that, due to the wounds inflicted by the Parallel Electric Cutter, the clones' blood has lowered its electrical resistance. Brunch finally explains the attack would continually flow into Elg and his clones until they are burned to a crisp. Since they continually regenerate, the electrical current continues to flow without end. While an enraged Elg shouted Brunch's name in anger, the chef looked back and taunted him by declaring to not remember what he is called.[8]

Reassurance and PeaceEdit

Brunch comforts Elg Eps 139

Brunch comforts the dying Elg and assures him that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

As Brunch walked away, Elg was no longer able to regenerate himself due to his gourmet cells finally giving up. This weakened his body dramatically, and due to the electrocution melting at his body, Elg's face he'd been hiding was unveiled, revealing the true form of his 200-year old self. Elg proclaimed he hid his true face to avoid upsetting Midora and showed sincere disgust at his own appearance that had been ridiculed since he was a child.

Elg vanishes

Ageless Elg finally rests in peace.

Brunch then comforts the dying opponent and told him that his face was perfectly normal. Brunch explained that the village where he came from is filled with all manner of odd creatures and monsters so ugly that Elg would've been considered a good-looking fellow there, citing how the Dharma Hermit would've been jealous of him. Elg was greatly moved by Brunch's kind words, as no one had ever been so kind to him before. He expressed how stimulating Brunch's words were and prepared to memorize them so he can cherish his final moments for all eternity. Elg then happily died as he crumbled away.[9][2]

...I'd be... good looking...? I've never heard... such stimulating words before... Brunch... Allow me... to masticate on those words... so I'll remember the moment I die... for all eternity...

—Elg's final words to Brunch...

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit


Silver haired Elg.

When Elg was first shown in the anime, he was portrayed with short silver hair rather than long black. This was later corrected in his official debut.


  • He was the second centaur-like being to appear in the series, the first being the mammal beast, Purple Horn. However, unlike the Purple Horn, Elg was the result of an artificial procedure.
  • Elg had some Egyptian features, namely his haircut and mummy-like bandages, which, like his inability to die (even if cut to pieces), vaguely recall the powers of Osiris.


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