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Japanese エメラルドドラゴン
Romanized Emerarudo Doragon
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Type Reptile
Capture Level 78
Length 50m
Height 24m
Weight 350t
Price 1 bottle of Emerald Wine /
5,200,000 yen
Habitat Drunken Frenzy Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 176
Anime Episode 101
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The Emerald Dragon (エメラルドドラゴン Emerarudo Doragon) is a huge legendary dragon from Drunken Frenzy Island in the Heavy Drinker Archipelago, that releases top-class emerald wine from a spring on its pool-like back. It is a strong beast and it is known for having a bad temper.



The Emerald Dragon's immense size.

The Emerald Dragon is a towering sauropod-like beast whose body appears to made out of solid emerald. Its body shape resembles that of a shell-less tortoise. On its back it has an indentation from which delicious Emerald Wine springs and gathers up into a small pool where one can bathe in its splendor.

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The Emerald Dragon's face up-close.

Much like the other beasts of the Heavy Drinker Archipelago, it has a foul temper and a strong will, and will attack prey on sight, however if properly knocked it can be rendered harmless and immobile, making it an adequate location to enjoy a drinking party.

As FoodEdit


The Emerald Wine spring on its back.

While it is unknown if any part of its body is edible, the spring of Emerald Wine that forms within its back is a top class beverage and is one of the finest liquors in the Heavy Drinker Archipelago. A bottle of the wine itself can be sold for no less than 5 million yen.


Bubble Fruit ArcEdit


Toriko, Komatsu and Jiro having a drinking party.

Toriko and Komatsu approached an Emerald Dragon when they visited Drunken Frenzy Island to find the King Vinegar. Toriko was afraid he couldn't handle it being tipsy, they noticed it stood still by knocking. Jiro showed itself from its back and invited the two in the pool on the back of the Emerald Dragon. All of them partied on the back of it for 3 days.


  • The Emerald Dragon was the work of 甕雄大-san from the Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

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