Enbu Ranking
Japanese 猿武
Romanized Enbu
English Monkey Martial Art
Alias Monkey Dance (モンキーダンス Monkī Dansu)
Class Martial Art
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 297
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Because he wanted them to be stronger, in hopes that he would have even one playmate for himself?

—Coco asking about Enbu

Enbu (猿武 Enbu, "Monkey Martial Art") also known as Monkey Dance (モンキーダンス Monkī Dansu) is a form of martial arts discipline as well as a form of ranking system that is unique to the inhabitants of Area 7. Because of Area 7's unusual laws regarding indiscriminate predation, the ways of Enbu allows the primate inhabitants of Area 7 to become disciplined thereby allowing them to become stronger as they progress through the rankings. Like modern day martial arts, the ways of Enbu have a pyramid chain which shows the rankings of each group as well as how many there are with newcomers having the lowest ranking but largest group to instructors having the highest ranking with the smallest group (consisting of only four). The Monkey King, Bambina stands as an individual above this pyramid. 

Origins Edit

During Ancient Times, Enbu was known throughout the different species that lived within Area 7 itself not as a form of combat but as a beautiful dancing performance which is performed by the Monkey King and those who can match the king's power. The murals depicted within the ancient ruins of Area 7 show that the origin of Enbu's alias, the Monkey Dance was due to the fact that Enbu itself was a dance with set forms that are performed in order to appease the Monkey King, the dance consists of up to a thousand different forms which are linked. With the Monkey King being the most powerful being in all of Area 7, it can perform the Monkey Dance within ten seconds from start to finish. Eventually Enbu soon deviated from its original purpose and became a martial art style as opposed to a dance.

With Enbu deviating from its original purpose, Enbu soon plays a heavy role in the unnatural habitat of Area 7 which destroyed its original rules of free predation. However, despite the seemingly harsh and completely unnatural nature of Enbu, Enbu itself was not created to be used as a means of a hierarchy but rather created as a means to create stronger individuals which could potentially match the Monkey King, Bambina, himself. Kaka states on the first time that the Heavenly Kings faced Bambina, the Monkey King himself was merely playing around with them. Because of the instant speed and the destructive nature of the games Bambina played, the Heavenly Kings were fortunate to survive as Coco managed to create Poison Dolls which took place of the Heavenly Kings themselves, but even then the real Heavenly Kings took a serious toll on games themselves and more so when Bambina had sneezed, creating an explosion which changed the area.

The gap between the Heavenly Kings and Bambina's power shows that in order to truly become matched with Bambina, one must truly master the ways of Enbu. What Enbu is to the inhabitants of Area 7 is a martial arts with a deadly hierarchy, but to Bambina, it is theorized that his true intentions were to ensure that the monkeys of Area 7 become stronger as they progress with their Enbu training, hoping that one day the Monkey King could have a playmate(s) to perform an ancient choreography, the Monkey Dance. Enbu's discipline shifted as time progressed, and because of this shift, it is unknown whether the instructors truly mastered Enbu or if they simply learned to a degree which is deemed superior to the rest. This question remains due to the fact that the Heavenly Kings managed to defeat an Instructor of Enbu (who is known to be a master) yet when facing the Monkey King himself, they couldn't even apprehend the nature of what had occurred, proving Toriko's viewpoint of the fact that despite how much the Instructors eat and grow, and no matter how many of them face Bambina, they will not be a match against a member of the Eight Kings.


Privileges Edit

As one rises in the ranks of Enbu, they slowly gain higher privileges from others. Newcomers have the lowest possible privileges meaning that they are restricted from many things, up to the point where they cannot hunt their own preys and because of this, most newcomer beasts have Capture Levels that constantly rise as they progress in battle, so that they may eventually rise the rankings. It is unknown what privileges are given in the rankings from dan to assistant instructors however when one reaches the ranking of Instructor, they are allowed to freely copulate and prey on anything, giving the Instructor ranking about as much freedom as being the Monkey King itself albeit on a lower level. Because the ranking of Instructor is the highest ranking given in the Enbu ranking, there are only four Instructors known. They each rule over one of the four regions of Area 7 and are the ones behind the unique rules of the continent.

System Edit

The ranking system for Enbu is unique in comparison to most revisions of martial arts ranking. Unlike traditional martial arts which ranks a student based on their belt color, Enbu itself gives ranks depending on how much a particular student can overcome the task of juggling creatures known as BB Pill Bugs. The bugs have differing properties which changes instantaneously therefore one must work with all their cells cooperating together in order to fully grasp even the basics on Enbu. A student of Enbu who takes what is considered 'entry level' is capable of juggling one BB Pill Bug. Newcomers who have passed entry level can juggle at least three of the BB Pill Bugs. Ranks Dan ( Dan, "Stage") and Kyu ( Kyū, "Class") can juggle between ten to twenty BB Pill Bugs. Assistant Instructors can juggle up to thirty and finally Instructors can juggle up to fifty BB Pill Bugs.

The Discipline Edit

The ways of Enbu is no simple matter as it is based around working with the body as a whole. This unison of the body must be performed on a cellular level meaning that in order to master Enbu, every single cell within an individual's body must cooperate together and put aside the differing emotions and thoughts which separate them from each other.

Practice Edit


Coco's thoughts on Enbu.

The practice of Enbu may at first seem simple, juggle a number of BB Pill Bugs. The practice itself seems ridiculous to some (making Zebra reject the practice) but as soon as an individual starts training, they find that it is much more difficult. The differing properties of the BB Pill Bugs which change instantly means that an individual must be able concentrate in full unison with every cell in their body in order to be able to juggle the BB Pill Bugs completely. By working in full unison, every cell helps to further heighten the concentration of the individual as there is no other form of emotion or thought that will interfere, it also further raises one's resistance to any force as all of the cells work together in order to perform a single action against any kind of force. An example of resistance is if the cells work against one another when fighting the force of gravity, the body will feel heavy, but if every cells forms a unified action of warding it off, then the power of gravity simply 'sieves through' the body, making the body lighter even against high gravity.

Creating Unison Edit

In order for the cells to create a perfect unison, the cells must all feel the same feelings as one another in order for one to truly grasp even Enbu basics. One of the biggest emotions that a single individual will feel that all parts of the body will feel is the fear of death itself. Because death itself means all cells in the body will not survive (as bodies eventually rot), all cells in the body will feel a unified fear of death itself therefore every single cell in the body will cooperate as they all have one single thought in their minds: survival.

It is said that every creature at the brink of death will eventually feel unison with every single cell in their bodies as the body will attempt to survive, this means that if all cells work together, the chances of surviving can increase, and with Enbu itself, one can practice and even master the unison of cells so that they work together with any task performed. It is possible that the harsh hierarchy within Area 7 was created so as to amplify the threat of death itself as the threat of a stronger individual causes the cells to work together to survive however whether this is true remains to be seen.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Much like any other form of combat, Enbu itself has its strengths and weaknesses, meaning that even if one is able to master Enbu, they are not without their own weaknesses. One of the most important strengths of any Enbu practitioner is their cellular level of unison. Because each cell works together in order to perform different tasks, Enbu allows a practitioner's focus to be amplified beyond what they can deem possible. By having each cell in the body assist the host, the host can easily perform tasks which could kill an individual, one such task is avoiding a BB Pill Bug's dangerous poison which it will excrete without warning and if one doesn't let the bug go within 0.1 of a second, can cause dangerous consequences. Being able to avoid these dangers as well as focus on many other things all at once highly amplifies a practitioner's abilities.

Enbu Cell Exhaustion

Cell Exhaustion when using Enbu

However despite its great strength, Enbu itself has weaknesses. One weakness of Enbu is that all cells must constantly be cooperating with each other in order to continuously apply the strengths of Enbu. If even one cell becomes exhausted, it can create disorder in the focus of all cells, causing the whole application of Enbu to collapse, and because of this, in order to continuously apply Enbu strengths, a practitioner must have high levels of stamina and must maintain absolute focus in order to continue using Enbu strengths. Another weakness is how to actually grasp even basics of Enbu. In order to grasp just the basic, a practitioner must create complete unison within their bodies at a cellular level, if they cannot create the unison, practicing Enbu is useless as all cells within the body will continue to go against each other. Most creatures which feel these unison of cells usually feel the fear of death, and most creatures usually die before they can grasp this. Creatures of high level such as the Gorilla Taurus or the Monkey King can cause a fear of death to lower ranking practitioners without killing them (an example is when Bambina's anger was felt by the Heavenly Kings), however not all creatures are capable of resisting such strengths and some end up killing themselves as opposed to continue living, such as the monkeys who committed suicide in Pot Mountain after the Gorilla Taurus had shown its presence.

One effect which can cause any form of Enbu to immediately cease is the presence of Appetite Demons. When Appetite Demons are present (whether in physical or in their Intimidation as stated by Kaka), Enbu applications can immediately cease, causing the area of the body where the Appetite Demon is manifested to completely cancel all forms of warding. It is unknown what causes the collapse of Enbu when Appetite Demons are present however it can be theorized that it may be due to the Gourmet Cells acting on a different level in comparison to the human cell as Gourmet Cells react heavily to any good tasting food, causing an opposite reaction to the rest of the cells within the body.

Secret Technique Edit

While originally seen as a form of defensive discipline, Enbu's true strength comes in the form of offensive techniques. This becomes true once an Enbu practitioner masters Enbu to high levels because all of the cells within the body work together, amplifying the practitioners capabilities beyond what they could originally do before they practice Enbu. Secret Techniques (奥義 Ōgi) are not much different to any other form of techniques that a practitioner previously knows, but what is different is that unlike their original techniques, Secret Techniques use power from every single cell within the body and with up to to nearly 60 trillion cells in the body working in unison in order to perform an attack, each cell's individual energy combines to perform a single attack with immense amounts of energy being released.

Monkey Dance Edit


Performing the Monkey Dance

Enbu has many different properties as well as capabilities however all of these are preparations for Enbu's true purpose, to perform the ancient choreography known as the Monkey Dance. The Monkey Dance is a dancing choreography with sets of Kata ( Kata, "Form") which is performed alongside the Monkey King. In order to perform the Monkey Dance, one must know all of the forms and perform them with the Monkey King. There are one thousand different forms with the Monkey Dance. It is unknown whether the dance itself was performed at intense speed during ancient times however during present times, because of the Monkey King's immense power, it is performed within ten seconds. The Monkey Dance itself is Enbu's origins and also thought to be the true technique to capturing PAIR.


There are several techniques used by masters of Enbu, such as Gorilla Taurus.

  • Strike Flow (打撃流し Nageki Nagashi): A technique meant to deflect and twist an oncoming attack.
  • Mountain Split (山割り Yamawari): Gorilla Taurus hits the ground with such intense force that it creates a giant fissure.


  • The Enbu fighting style may be inspired by modern day martial arts known as Monkey Kung Fu.
  • The rankings used in Enbu are similar to modern day martial arts, starting from Newcomers, Kyu rankings, Dan rankings and Instructor rankings.
  • Two of the forms done during the Monkey Dance heavily resembles the popular Fusion Dance from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Ichiryu's Minority World ability seems to have a form of connection with Enbu itself as Minority World itself applies the actions of minority which defy laws of physics to the majority in order to perform inhuman capabilities such as flight.

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