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Toriko Fainting in Agony!? Capture the World's Smelliest Ingredient!
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Episode Information
Romaji Toriko Monzetsu!? Sekaiichi Kusai Shokuzai o Hokaku Seyo!
Kanji トリコ悶絶!? 世界一臭い食材を捕獲せよ!
Air date April 21, 2013
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Murayama Isao
Direction by Kakudou Hiroyuki
Key Animation by Tate Naoki
Art by Konno Shin`ichi
Chapter 176-177
Opening Theme Go Shock My Way!!
Ending Theme Akai Kutsu
Story Arc Bubble Fruit Arc
Episode TV Rating 4.8
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In search of the ingredients for a special sushi roll, Toriko and Komatsu travel to an island where the animals are drunk, and it rains champagne! But that's not all. They must also track down a funky fruit with a horrendous smell!


Toriko and Komatsu took a ride aboard Tom’s boat to reach Drunken Frenzy Island. Toriko explained that they’re riding across the Liquor Sea, where all water is alcoholic. Later, the island came in sight, and Toriko warned Komatsu of its age restriction, but Komatsu mentioned he’s also 25, surprising Toriko. After landing, Toriko explained their reason for going; Monchy requested the phantasmal King Vinegar from that island, as the Madam Fish wasn’t enough for the Ehou Maki. Suddenly, a Drunkard Frenzy Cattle rushed at them, but was easily defeated by Toriko. Moving on, they came across the Brandy Spring and its Brandy Tiger, and completely forgetting the reason they came, started enjoying the different ingredients around. In the end, a passing cloud of Champagne came raining down on them, and as it passed, an Emerald Dragon appeared.

The beast had Knocking done on it by Jiro, who was sitting atop its back where a bath of Emerald Wine sits. Jiro commented on how they’ve each grown, and Toriko thanked him for that time in Gourmet World, stating how it helped him understand his weakness. Jiro told them that Gourmet World has been getting uproarious lately, and related that to Ichiryu and Midora, mentioning how he may eventually need to go himself. He then treated them to some Emerald Wine, and as he was lost in thought, Komatsu asked for the big bottle next to them, which turned out to be Jiro's Doham Spring Sake. Just as Jiro was about to share them some, he discovered it was empty, but reassured them they’ll soon be able to get some themselves.

After a week, they finally got the Vinegar back to Monchy, who still demanded more. Seeing Jiro's pompadour reminded Toriko to ask Teppei for help, who didn't have much to offer, but suggested the Dodurian Bomb. They took a train, and upon reaching Dodurian Station, the train ran as fast as possible to avoid the smell. Toriko stated that as the fruit ripens and falls, it unleashes an even more unbearable smell that kills all plants within a 100km radius, plus tastes better. After that, they went through a painful day of a 100km walk along the unbearable stench, barely holding on, until they finally reached their destination, and as they did, the Fruit ripened and fell down, releasing an even deadlier stench that left them fighting between consciousness and unconsciousness for a whole month until they were able to get it back to Monchy. Finally, they arrived at Hotel Gourmet, but discovered the stench had stained on them, as everyone ran away, and Sunny, who came to visit, fell unconscious on spot.



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Komatsu, Toriko, Dodurian Bomb(min: 02:39)







  • Knife (min: 05:16)
  • Intimidation (Jiro) (min: 10:14) (Recaps)


  • Dream 9 Logo Theme (min: 00:00)
  • Opening 2: Go Shock My Way (TV Version (min: 00:05)
  • Opening 2: Go Shock My Way (Instrumental) (min: 01:30)
  • OST - Theme #1: Gourmet Jidai (グルメ時代) (Narrator's Theme) (min: 01:40)
  • OST – Theme #3: Daichi no Kodou (大地の鼓動) (Recap Theme) (min: 02:13)
  • (Episode Preview Picture Theme) (min: 02:39)
  • ??? (min: 02:52)
  • OST – Theme #15: Fork! Knife!! (フォーク!ナイフ!!) (min: 04:59)
  • DJ1 – Theme #6: Itadakimasu! (いただきま〜す!) (min: 05:42)
  • ??? (min: 07:03)
  • ??? (min: 08:56)
  • DJ2 – Theme #5: Furueru Kokoro (ふるえる心) (min: 10:00)
  • ??? (min: 11:26)
  • Eyecatcher Theme (min: 12:10)
  • ??? (min: 12:20)
  • ??? (min: 14:27)
  • ??? (min: 15:24)
  • ??? (min: 16:38)
  • ??? (min: 17:00)
  • ??? (min: 18:39)
  • ??? (min: 19:53)
  • ??? (min: 20:41)
  • Ending 8: Akai Kutsu (min: 21:03)
  • ??? (min: 22:07)
  • Next Episode Preview Theme (min: 23:00)
  • Ending 8: Akai Kutsu (Instrumental) (min: 23:15)

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