The Forthcoming Festival The Wriggling "Dangerous Guys"
Episode 123
Episode Information
Romaji Kitaru Beki Saiten Ugomeku "Yabai Yatsura"
Kanji 来るべき祭典 うごめく“ヤバイ奴ら”
Air date September 29, 2013
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Takahashi Youichi
Direction by Nakao Yukihiko
Key Animation by Tate Naoki
Art by Konno Shin'ichi
Chapter 209-210
Opening Theme Go Shock My Way!!
Ending Theme Tautology
Story Arc Four Beast Arc
Episode TV Rating 4.4
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"The Forthcoming Festival The Wriggling "Dangerous Guys"is the 123rd episode of the Toriko Anime Series.


Teppei tries to remember the events that left him seriously injured, and Komatsu is honored by an invitation to participate in a world famous cooking festival!


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Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • When Toriko is about to develop his Nail Gun, he is interrupted by a Steel Horseshoe Crab.
  • Tom does not meet Toriko.
  • Johannes appears to talk with Toriko about an IGO request.
  • Toriko goes to meet Komatsu at Hotel Gourmet before the Gourmet Seven arrive.
  • Scenes extended in anime:
    • The Four Heavenly Kings talking about their last battle.
  • Additional scenes added:
    • Tina broadcasting the humankind still celebrating and eating the Four Beast's meat.


  • In FujiTV's preview picture for this episode, Ichiryu's shirt was purple in color, which got changed to red in the episode itself.

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