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Komatsu in Trouble!? Triathlon Cooking!
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Episode Information
Romaji Komatsu Pin Chi!? Toraiasuron Kukkingu!
Kanji 小松ピンチ!? トライアスロンクッキング!
Simulcast Title Komatsu is in a Pinch?! Triathlon Cooking!
Air date October 27, 2013
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Taguchi Tomoko
Direction by Houri Kouji
Key Animation by Hakamada Yuuji
Art by Konno Shin'ichi
Chapter 213-214
Opening Theme Go Shock My Way!!
Ending Theme Believe in Yourself!
Story Arc Cooking Festival Arc
Episode TV Rating 5.6
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"Komatsu in Trouble!? Triathlon Cooking!" is the 127th episode of the Toriko anime series.


Komatsu is intimidated by the competition at the cooking festival, but he’s got even bigger things to worry about: a grueling test of strength known as Triathlon Cooking!






Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Wabutora shakes hands with Komatsu, leaving oil on the latter's hand.
  • Monchy does not bleed when he injuries his head on the ring due to censorship.
  • Melk the Second, Gourmet Knights and Gourmet Yakuza do not cheer for Komatsu when the triathlon begins.
  • Coco explains the Triathlon Cooking instead of Munageh.
  • Tina announces Monchy's entrance instead of Munageh.

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