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The Terrible Trump Card! The Gourmet World Monsters, the “Nitro”
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Episode Information
Romaji Saiaku no Kirifuda! Gurume-kai no Kaibutsu “Nitoro”
Kanji 最悪の切り札! グルメ界の怪物 “ニトロ”
Simulcast Title Worst Trump Card! The Gourmet World Monster, 'Nitro'!
Air date January 5, 2014
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Taguchi Tomoko
Direction by Tanaka Tomoya
Key Animation by Yamazaki Noriyoshi
Art by Konno Shin'ichi
Chapter 222-223
Opening Theme Go Shock My Way!!
Ending Theme Mega Raba
Story Arc Cooking Festival Arc
Episode TV Rating 4.3
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"The Terrible Trump Card! The Gourmet World Monsters, the “Nitro”" is the 136th episode of the Toriko anime series.


The IGO's chances for victory take a serious hit when the Gourmet Corp. unleashes the horrifying monsters Nitro and the Scum Beasts!


Toriko unleashes new attacks but these leave Starjun slightly wounded. Meanwhile in the Cooking Stadium, Brunch is amazed to see Elg standing up again after the fatal techniques that the chef dealt on the branch chief, and when some Scum Beasts approach to attack Brunch again, he electrifies them and throws them at Elg, stating that it should burn him to the bones. Even so, Elg stands once again unscathed.

While all the horrified people run away to take shelter from the invasion, Nakaume is looking for president Moi until he sees him walking with his bodyguard to a room with three other people. Shocked outside the room, Ume heards the secret conversation that these men have, while Kuriboh spies him from behind.

Mahmai Moi is seen talking to Kousairou, Darnil Kahn and Colonel Mokkoi who were talking about that they ought to intervene pretty soon, Kousairou tells that " No, let us observe a little longer." Kousairous also tells that there is bishokukai's trump card and that was 'Nitros'. Nakaume heard that and get scared and behind of him Kuriboh was hiding. Komatsu was scared that bishukukai has attacked and with them there was many beast. All chefs were fighting the beast and Makubee is fighting the beast but the beast didn't give up so Makubee told Komatsu to shut his eyes Makubee used his konpei salt that is harmed there eyes and then red colored sword like thing pierce through Makubee's heart. The who throwed that sword was the Nitro. There were three nitros and with them there was Zaragira and gur, cage beast and Zaragira. ZaragirA told them "rampage as much as you want but don't kill the chefs put them into the cage beast." At the mean time yuda come and yells loudly Makubee and remove that sword like thing from Makubee's body and Yuda uses his Bannou yakutou Ichi Milli Sengiri on the Nitro but Nitro use his teeth and throw the sword of yuda and Nitro punches Yuda's face hardly that the ground get crashed and then Damala Sky XIII yells loudly yuda and nitro come running towards Damala Sky XIII. Nitro opens his teeth and come fly toward Damala Sky XIII and D . S XIII uses his sword for not to get crushed from nitros teeths but Nitro was to powerfull that he sends flying the D . S XIII and Nitro jump towards D . S XIII and D . S XIII uses Magic Spice on his eyes. Then Livebearer is shown fighting the beast and he saws the Nitro has got blind for second because of Magic Spice and Livebearer says that now is my chance and jump towards nitro he uses technique called brain cut from his katana on him but his katana got broken from his skin and Nitro can see now again and Nitro uses his hand to slash livebearer. Livebearers stomach got cutted from his hand and then two saiseiyas come one of them uses sunlight bug to blind the nitro for a second and the second one uses body glue and stick doctor aloe on livebearer. Livebearer says that they are Nitro and questioned himself that how did the Bishokukai controlled the ferious Nitros and then chiru appears and says " that is simple, because the bishokukai's boss is even greater than monsters." Chiru also says that there are not only Nitros but scum beast form goumet world that knows food honor. Chiru removes her mask and says "That the real battle starts now." At the mean time coco is in difficulty he used his poison but Grinpatch swallows it and Grinpatch says that "gimme some more poison." and coco says that i will fill you with poison and uses poison dressing on Grinpatch he swallows it compeletely and Coco is in difficulty and the episode ends.







Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • The spear that pierces Makubee's chest is replaced by a lance of red energy.
  • Makubee does not bleed when he is injured.
  • Zaragira does not use his horns to immobilize Ling Chun.
  • The handgrips of Damala's blades are much shorter.
  • Additional scenes added:
    • Komatsu worrying about Makubee.
    • Toriko attacking Starjun with new techniques.
    • Yuda attacking a Red Nitro with his techniques.
    • Damala explaining the function of the Sunlight Firefly.
    • Coco attacking Grinpatch with Poison Dressing.

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