Shock! The True Identity of the Mastermind "Joie"!!
Episode 143
Episode Information
Romaji Kyōgaku! Kuromaku "Joa" no Shōtai!!
Kanji 驚愕!黒幕“ジョア”の正体!!
Simulcast Title Shock! The True Identity of the Mastermind, 'Joie'!!
Air date February 23, 2014
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Takahashi Youichi
Direction by Tanaka Tomoya
Key Animation by Yamazaki Noriyoshi
Art by Konno Shin'ichi
Chapter 243-244-246-247
Opening Theme Go Shock My Way!!
Ending Theme Mega Raba
Story Arc Cooking Festival Arc
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"Shock! The True Identity of the Mastermind "Joie"!!" is the 143rd episode of the Toriko anime series.


After the legendary Knocking Master Jiro unmasks the terrifying evil before them, his life is endangered by his affection for Granny Setsuno! Will Toriko arrive in time to save them both!?








Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • The animal partners of the Heavenly Kings do not appear in the stadium.
  • Teppei doesn't get startled when Jiro yells at him.
  • Jiro's Grand Knocking caused fluctuations in the Earth's crust instead of tsunamis and twisters. (This is probably due to the sensitive issue of the 3.11 Tsunami that hit Japan.)
  • Joie's eyes do not glow when he uses God Cooking.
  • All the events after Joie uses her Satan Mince technique are heavily altered and are not based on the manga.

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