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The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator! This is Second Episode of Toriko anime series. This Episode is the launch of first intial Episode that starts the anime series and second episode of the series.

The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator!
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Episode Information
Romaji Hikyō no Kyojū! Toriko, Gararawani wo Hokaku se yo!
Kanji 秘境の巨獣! トリコ、ガララワニを捕獲せよ!
Air date April 10, 2011
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Murayama Isao
Direction by Zako Akifumi
Key Animation by Tamegai Katsumi
Art by Nomura Masanobu
Chapter 1-2
Opening Theme Guts Guts!!
Ending Theme Satisfaction
Story Arc Galala Gator Arc
Episode TV Rating 7.9
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Toriko, the legendary Gourmet Hunter, is hired by timid chef Komatsu to help track down a delicious Garara Gator for a very important dinner. Will the intrepid adventures taste sweet success - or become their dinner's dinner?


Chef Komatsu of the IGO went to request a hunt from Gourmet Hunter, Toriko. To Komatsu’s surprise, Toriko was fishing with a gigantic rod, and caught a giant Pincer Fish and a Five-Tailed Giant Eagle together. Toriko was excited after hearing about the hunt, the Galala Gator. Tom, Toriko’s acquaintance, gave them a ride aboard his motorboat. On their way to the Baron Archipelago, Toriko inquired about the reason Komatsu tagged along, and Komatsu explained that he was told to research the Gator. Toriko knew from the smell on his hands that Komatsu is a chef, and Komatsu affirmed that he’s the head of Hotel Gourmet.

Near the island, Friday Monkeys were seen, which piqued Toriko’s curiosity, as those cowardly monkeys rarely exit their caves. Inside the Island, they encountered a Snake Toad, Baron Leech (which sucked some of Komatsu’s blood), Baron Tiger, and finally decided to camp next to a swamp for the night. Toriko thought the beasts forced out of their habitat by an overwhelming predator would be the only possible explanation for this all. Interrupting their meal, a giant Swamp Snake popped up severely injured, and fell dead. The Snake had Baron Leeches all over; Toriko understood that the Gator sends its leeches to locate its prey by the smell of blood. Suddenly, the Snake got dragged into the water, and a gigantic Garara Gator came out. Its size made it clear for Toriko that this can’t be 150 years old, but 300, has a capture lvl higher than 5, and is the overwhelming predator.

Drooling over the thought of how much the Gator’s meat must’ve ripened, Toriko fought the beast. After exchanging some hits, Toriko offered his respect to the beast for its strength, then used his Fork and Knife techniques, cutting the beast in pieces. The Gourmet Corp. had been spying on the fight, and reported back to Starjun, who was surprised the Four Heavenly Kings started moving. At Baron Island, Toriko and Komatsu were preparing to dine on the meat when Toriko asked why a pro chef like Komatsu came all the way to that dangerous a place, and Komatsu replied that his dream is to become a first-class chef, and that he needs to see the ingredients’ original form to cook them in the best way. Komatsu then asked about Toriko’s dream, and Toriko mentioned his dream is to complete his lifetime Full Course Menu. Komatsu got inspired by Toriko’s goal, and offered to tag along in future hunts, and Toriko agreed. They got absorbed by the meat’s taste and ate it all, forgetting that Komatsu it for a party, and in the end, Toriko disqualified it from his Menu.



  • No recaps in this episode.

Episode Preview Picture

Galala Gator (min: 03:02)


  • Tina (min: 02:05)
  • Komatsu (min: 02:25)
  • Toriko (min: 02:35)
  • Tom (min: 05:06)
  • Joejoe (min: 16:44)
  • Starjun (min: 16:48)
  • Coco (Starjun’s thoughts) (min: 17:00)
  • Sunny (Starjun’s thoughts) (min: 17:01)
  • Zebra (Starjun’s thoughts) (min: 17:03)







  • Intimidation (Toriko) (min: 15:12)
  • Fork (min: 15:56)
  • Knife (min: 16:02)


  • Dream 9 Logo Theme (min: 00:00)
  • OST - Theme #2 Guts Guts (TV Version) オープニングテーマガツガツ(TVサイズ)歌串田アキラ (min: 00:05)
  • OST - Theme #1: Gourmet Jidai (グルメ時代) (Narrator's Theme) (min: 01:30)
  • (Episode Preview Picture Theme) (min: 03:02)
  • OST – Theme #4: Densetsu no Bishoku-ya Toriko!! (伝説の美食屋トリコ!!) (min: 03:37)
  • ??? (min: 05:45)
  • ??? (min: 06:21)
  • ??? (min: 09:33)
  • Eyecatcher Theme (min: 10:32)
  • OST – Theme #14: Yochou (予兆) (min: 12:02)
  • ???(min: 13:52)
  • OST –Theme #25: Senjin (戦塵) (min: 14:51)
  • OST – Theme #17: Yami no Soshiki Bishoku-kai (闇の組織美食会) (min: 16:38)
  • ???(min: 17:32)
  • OST – Theme #26: Guts Guts!! Koufuku Bajon!! (ガツガツ!!幸福パージョン!!) (min: 18:35)
  • OST – Theme #30: Subete no Shokuzai ni Kansha o Komete (すべての食材に感謝を込めて) (min: 20:22)
  • Ending 1: Satisfaction (min: 21:27)
  • DJ1 – Theme #2: Gourmet News (グルメニュース) (min: 22:27)
  • Next Episode Preview Theme (min: 22:50)

Gourmet News

Next Episode Preview[]


Episode 2's Next Episode Preview


Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • Any references to alcohol or smoking has been edited from the episode most likely due to censorship. Toriko wasn't seen drinking or smoking throughout the episode.
  • Violence and blood were kept at a minimum and can be obviously noticed in the Gararagator slaying scene.
  • In Anime it is seen that Toriko keeps on thinking about the new Gourmet Era while fishing that has began and in manga it is seen opposite to anime while fishing.
  • The scene in manga begins in restaurant and in anime the scene begins with Komatsu looking for Toriko


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