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The Reunion of Toriko and Luffy! Find the Seafood Fruit!
Episode 51.jpg
Episode Information
Romaji Toriko x Wanpi Korabosupesharu Saikai Toriko to Rufi! Kaisen no mi o Sagase!
Kanji トリコ×ワンピ コラボスペシャル 再会トリコとルフィ! 海鮮の実を探せ!
Air date April 8, 2012
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Murayama Isao
Direction by Endou Tetsuya, Nakajima Yutaka
Key Animation by Kuda Kazuya, Kagawa Hisashi, Yokoyama Kenji, Tate Naoki,
Art by Nomura Masanobu
Chapter None, Original Episode
Opening Theme Guts Guts!!
Ending Theme Sabrina
Episode TV Rating 8.7
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"The Reunion of Toriko and Luffy! Find the Seafood Fruit!" is the 51st episode of the anime. It is the second crossover with the One Piece anime. This episode acts as the first part of the special, while Episode 542 of One Piece is the second part.


Toriko and Komatsu are seen fishing when Komatsu catches a Spring Shark. After defeating it, Luffy suddenly comes out of the Harusame's mouth and surprises Toriko and Komatsu. Soon, Sunny arrives and Chopper is revealed to be sick. In order to make him feel better, they have to find the "Seafood Fruit" and make Chopper eat it. Thus, Luffy, Toriko and the rest head off to Tou-Chinese Island.



  • After Luffy activates Gear Third to defeat some Kung-Fu Mynah Birds, he changes into his chibi form, which was a common side effect of its usage prior to the timeskip. However in One Piece, Timeskip Luffy no longer has this issue when using Gear Third, and his shrinking is most likely an error on the part of the animators.

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