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A Work Made with All Her Might! The Completed Melk Knife!
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Episode Information
Romaji Konshin no Itsusaku! Kansei Meruku Hōchō!
Kanji 渾身の一作!完成メルク包丁!
Air date May 20, 2012
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Taguchi Tomoko
Direction by Nakao Yukihiko
Key Animation by Ishii Yumiko
Art by Konno Shin`ichi
Chapter 124
Opening Theme Guts Guts!!
Insert Song 1 Gram Dake no Miracle
Ending Theme Love Chase
Story Arc Melk Stardust Arc
Episode TV Rating 6.6
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While Melk’s apprentice works tirelessly to craft a special knife for Komatsu, the little chef and Toriko wait eagerly for the job to be finished – and the feast to begin!


Melk the 2nd struggles with the Derous' fang, as it's too hard to be hammered or melted, leaving shaving it down with the Stardust the only choice. Komatsu was watching Melk's cutling, while Toriko was sitting in front of the Stardust drooling over how delicious it is. Komatsu screamed at him for being such a glutton and eating it alone when they've agreed on eating it together when the knife's done. Toriko said that he was only practicing his reaction for when he tastes it. Toriko and Komatsu then left The 2nd to her work and went in the hotspring to relax. In bath, Komatsu asked Toriko if he'd known Melk was a female and a fake, to which Toriko replied he did, and knew that her lost confidence would need Komatsu to get it back; that's the job Toriko asked of Komatsu. Toriko warned Komatsu of her father, The 1st, being an ogre, as he deduced Komatsu wanted to marry The 2nd. Interrupting his talk, a powerful slice attack cut their hotspring bath in two, leaving them in shock. Melk had completed the knife while they were bathing, and slightly swinged it, releasing a sharp cut through the workshop's walls. Toriko and Komatsu rushed over to see what happened, and saw the completed knife with a Melk signature on, and Komatsu's name as a symbol of gratitude. Komatsu then gathered the ingredients for their Stardust celebration meal, and came across a huge Don Acorn in the process, the ingredient which broke his first knife back then. Komatsu feared cutting it, but eventually gathered his courage and slightly sliced the Acorn. To his surprise, the huge nut was cleanly split in two with ease. Komatsu mentions how happy he is to be able to cook Toriko something with the newly made Melk Knife when they've just formed a combo. And Toriko was also satisfied as the trip was worth it in training for Gourmet World. Komatsu worked on the cooking while Toriko was busy practicing his reaction to the Stardust's taste once more. Finally, Komatsu presented them with the Melk Special pizza. After tasting it, Komatsu brought the awaited ingredient, the Melk Stardust.

The scene shifts to Honey Prison, where the Convoysauruses were escorting sentenced Gourmet Criminals. The guard captain, Pricom, was shown shouting at the prisoners, when suddenly Ichiryu and Yosaku show up asking to meet warden Love to discuss releasing Zebra. Ichiryu mentioned that Zebra must've noticed that they've come by now, and that they should expect an attack at any moment, laughing sarcastically. Meanwhile, Zebra noticed there were two guests, and was happy they're finally gonna let him out.



Episode Preview Picture







  • None


  • Dream 9 Logo Theme (min: 00:00)
  • Theme #2 Guts Guts (tv version) オープニングテーマガツガツ(TVサイズ)歌串田アキラ (min: 00:05)
  • Guts Guts!! (Instrumental) (min: 01:30)
  • Theme #1 グルメ時代 (Narrator's Theme) (min: 01:40)
  • Theme #3 Daichi no Kodou (Recap Theme) 大地の鼓動 (min: 02:27)
  • (Episode Preview Picture Theme) (min: 03:02)
  • ??? (min: 03:11)
  • ??? (min: 03:51)
  • ??? (min: 04:51)
  • ??? (min: 06:31)
  • ??? (min: 08:20)
  • Theme #22. 絶体絶命大ピンチ (min: 08:46)
  • ??? (min: 09:43)
  • Eyecatcher Theme (min: 11:08)
  • ??? (min: 11:29)
  • ??? (min: 12:03)
  • ??? (min: 13:07)
  • ??? (min: 14:29)
  • Theme #30. すべての食材に感謝を込めて (min: 15:59)
  • Theme #16. 脅威 (min: 17:10)
  • ??? (min: 18:42)
  • Love Chase (min: 20:00)
  • 1 Gram Dake no Miracle (min: 21:00)
  • ??? (min: 21:20)
  • Episode Preview Theme (min: 23:00)
  • Love Chase Instrumental (min: 23:15)

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  • The episode used the insert song, 1 Gram Dake no Miracle , by Tina's voice actor, from Character Collection 2, but in an instrumental version in the Tina Pan section.

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