The Sealed Voice! The Other-Dimensional Gourmet Pyramid!
Episode 63
Episode Information
Romaji Fūin Sareta Koe! I Kūkan Gurume Piramiddo
Kanji 封印された声! 異空間グルメピラミッド!
Air date July 1, 2012
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Taguchi Tomoko
Direction by Nakao Yukihiko
Key Animation by Tate Naoki
Art by Konno Shin`ichi
Chapter 132-133
Opening Theme Guts Guts!!
Insert Song 1 Gram Dake no Miracle
Ending Theme Samba de Toriko!!!
Story Arc Mellow Cola Arc
Episode TV Rating 6.8
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Komatsu is trapped within the labyrinthine Gourmet Pyramid, and only Zebra and Toriko can save him. Unfortunately, a deadly Gorgonclops and a hideous Unicorn Cerberus are standing in their way!


Zebra shocked Toriko even more by mentioning that the humongous pyramid in front of them was just the tip of the structure; it’s made up of a castle underneath the sand, with the pyramid just covering its tip. Zebra calls Komatsu who’s deep down in the pyramid unconscious. Komatsu finally wakes up and remembers how he ended up there by drifting into quicksand. Right away, he encounters a huge medusa-like beast, but Zebra saved him by sending his Hoedama to his location, scaring the beast away. With his Hoedama, he tells Komtsu about their whereabouts, and tells him to live, and think of what food to prepare after their adventure is over. Toriko was surprised by Zebra’s cooperation, and Zebra mentioned that it’s because he’s getting a reward afterwards, and thus needs Komatsu. Inside the tip was also a maze.

According to Zebra, the tip is the entrance, and the main part is deep down, where Komatsu is heading. Because he had his Map on all the time, his voice was fading, so he had to stop talking to preserve it. Toriko and Zebra kept progressing downwards towards Komatsu, and amidst their walk, encountered a Gorgops. They used their Intimidation on him, and then beat him to death, and had him for food. Meanwhile, Komatsu was moving deeper, and discovered his Perot helps find dead ends, thus used it to proceed. He then remembered the old woman’s talk about the Pyramid being built presumably by non-Human World creatures thousands of years ago. She mentioned rumors about a king or a legendary ingredient residing there.

Toriko noticed a new smell on the walls, and moved along with Zebra through more incomprehensible mazes, and as he did, noticed more fatigue on Zebra; he’s had his Map’s maximum 70 km range on for 5 hours, even though only 5 min consumes 60,000 Kcal, all together worth about 4 years worth a normal human’s. The moment they opened another door, a giant Unicorn Cerberus attacked them. Toriko used his Fork Shield, 15-Hit Punch, and Leg Fork on it, but it was still standing. The beast was about to hit Toriko, but Zebra intentionally took the attack to increase his anger, thus increasing his power, and then dealt the finishing blow. With this, he lost his voice, closed the Map, and lost track of Komatsu. Meanwhile, as Komatsu was walking, he came across a GT-Robo-like footprint.



Episode Preview Picture

  • Zebra (min: 03:11)
  • Echolocation (min: 03:11)


  • Toriko (min: 03:20)
  • Zebra (min: 03:20)
  • Komatsu (min: 04:43)
  • Old woman (min: 14:05) (Flashbacks)





  • None


  • Echolocation (min: 03:55)
  • Hoedama (min: 06:27)
  • Zebra’s Intimidation (min: 11:42)
  • Toriko’s Intimidation (min: 11:58)
  • Fork Shield (min: 17:43)
  • 15-Hit Nail Punch (min: 17:50)
  • Leg Fork (min: 18:04)
  • Zebra’s Intimidation (min: 18:38)


  • Dream 9 Logo Theme (min: 00:00)
  • Theme #2 Guts Guts (tv version) オープニングテーマガツガツ(TVサイズ)歌串田アキラ (min: 00:05)
  • Guts Guts!! (Instrumental) (min: 01:30)
  • Theme #1 グルメ時代 (Narrator's Theme) (min: 01:40)
  • Theme #3 Daichi no Kodou (Recap Theme) 大地の鼓動 (min: 02:34)
  • (Episode Preview Picture Theme) (min: 03:11)
  • ???pyramid theme (min: 03:27)
  • ??? (min: 05:46)
  • ??? (min: 06:14)
  • ???Zebra’s theme (min: 06:27)
  • ??? (min: 09:05)
  • Theme # 22. 絶体絶命大ピンチ(min: 10:35)
  • Eyecatcher Theme (min: 11:05)
  • ??? (min: 11:15)
  • ???Teppei’s theme (min: 12:57)
  • ??? (min: 14:05)
  • Theme # 14. 予兆(min: 14:50)
  • ??? (min: 15:29)
  • Theme #11. 野生の恐怖 (min: 17:16)
  • ???Zebra’s theme (min: 18:34)
  • ??? (min: 19:36)
  • Samba de Toriko!!! (min: 20:05)
  • 1 Gram Dake no Miracle (min: 21:05)
  • ??? (min: 21:39)
  • Next Episode Preview Theme (min: 23:00)
  • Samda de Toriko Instrumental (min: 23:15)

Gourmet News;Tina Pan

  • Takimaru (min: 21:13)
  • Horsetail Beans (min: 21:56)
  • Gravel Beans (min: 22:22)
  • Beans (min: 22:45)


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  • The episode used the insert song, 1 Gram Dake no Miracle , by Tina's voice actor, from Character Collection 2, but in an instrumental version in the Tina Pan section.

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