Sunny`s New Attack! The Result of Gorgeous Training!
Episode 77
Episode Information
Romaji Sani Shinwaza! Kareinaru Shūgyō no Seika!
Kanji サニ新技! 華麗なる修業の成果!
Air date October 14, 2012
Written by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Animation Work by Toei Animation
Script/Screenplay by Murayama Isao
Direction by Nakao Yukihiko
Key Animation by Tamegai Katsumi
Art by Konno Shin`ichi
Chapter 151-152
Opening Theme Guts Guts!!
Ending Theme Lovely Fruit
Story Arc Shining Gourami Arc
Episode TV Rating 6.0
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The devastating power of Death Falls sends Sunny into a flashback where he reflects on the days spent battling beasts and honing his instincts on the Road of Three Hells!


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