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Escarjaw anime
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Japanese エスカルアゴ
Romanized Esukaruago
English Escarjaw
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level 38
Length 6m
Height 5m
Weight 3.5t
Price 100g / 30,000 yen
Diet Carnivore
Habitat Gourmet Pyramid
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 134
Anime Episode 64
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The Escarjaw (エスカルアゴ Esukaruago) is a monstrous mollusk with a Capture Level of 38. Although the snail itself does not appear fearsome, its shell is the actual threat, as it is actually a ferocious creature it forms a symbiotic relationship with which sports a powerful jaw that is both expandable and poisonous, and with it, it can attack predators and prey with bullet-fast speed.


The Escarjaw is a large, soft-bodied, red-colored snail standing 5 meters in height (with shell) and is 6 meters long in body length. It has three yellow-colored circular markings on each side of its body and while it may look like a regular oversized snail, its shell shows how much more there is to this creature as it is its most notable and fearsome feature. The "shell" is a large amorphous gray-colored creature that has bonded with the snail as part of a symbiotic relationship. It sports two spiked horn-like claws on its sides that resemble arms and numerous tendrils coming from its rear end, but most notably the "shell's" mouth is a rather grotesque maw that is filled with sharp fangs and from within its mouth it has an extendable tongue-like appendage that appears to act as a second mouth which moves about rapidly when trying to capture prey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While the Escarjaw itself moves at an average speed and shows no action when hunting, its living shell is what does all the actual work for it and can attack prey at bullet-like speeds with the tongue-like maw in its mouth filled with venomous teeth that can poison prey in moments. The shell can also pierce foes with its claws. While the Escarjaw seemingly remains motionless while its shell attacks, its eye-stalks move in unison with shell's actions suggesting that it can relay orders to its "shell" through some method.

As FoodEdit

Its meat is a well-know delicacy touted over all other escargot dishes. 100 grams of its meat can fetch a price of 30,000 yen on the gourmet market. Its soft body also makes it a target for predators, but is usually protected by its carnivorous shell.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

When Komatsu got separated from Toriko and Zebra within the Gourmet Pyramid and became lost within its endless maze-like structure, he encountered an Escarjaw while trying to find a way out, and while he was frightened by the vicious beast, he quickly took action and used his Derous Knife to try and attack it which successfully scared it off due to the knife's fearsome aura.



  • It was created by Abe Masashi-san of the Kyoko prefecture.
  • Its name is a portmanteau of "Escargot" (a french delicacy which is comprised of snails) and "Jaw".

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