Fairy Tale Castle
Otogi Castle orphanage
Japanese オトギのしろ
Romanized Otogi no Shiro
Affiliation Teacher, Ootake
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 261 (mentioned)
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This article is about the orphanage, for the restaurant see Fairy Tale Castle.

The Fairy Tale Castle (オトギのしろ, Otogi no Shiro) is an orphanage where Ootake grew in and whose name was used for the aforementioned chef's restaurant. The orphanage seems to be run, or have a female Teacher who, along with the young intern orphans, took pride and cheered for Ootake on his career as chef.

On Ootake's training days there was an incident of mass food poisoning that occurred in this location, where some kids ate poisonous ingredients that hadn't been fully detoxified, and that lead to the misfortune of the death of all those 12 children. Ootake was astonished to know that the children only had cheap ingredients and that they didn't have the technique to cook poison ingredients of such level.

The reason that Ootake named his restaurant after this orphanage was that he wanted to make a menu made towards children.

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