Farthest Kitchen
Farthest Kitchen
Japanese 最果ての厨房
Romanized Saihate no Chūbō
English Farthest Kitchen
Location Area 1
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 337
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The Farthest Kitchen (最果ての厨房 Saihate no Chūbō) is a crater located somewhere in Area 1. Like the Kitchen of Eternity, the Farthest Kitchen is focused on the revival and preparation of Acacia's Full Course Menu. However, the Gourmet Nobility's goal is to resurrect Neo[1] and then to seal it.[2]

Countless humans reside here as slaves, having been kidnapped from the Human World to be used as ingredients in the Nobles' menu for the demon. This practice has been a regular occurrence since ancient times, where the Nobles would kidnap humans from the Human World by using the Four Beast, which would then bring them to the Nobles to be used as slaves or ingredients.[3]

Acacia Feeding Pot

Acacia Feeding Pot (Unnamed)


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