Mushroom  Feather-Robed Mushroom Child  Sushi
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Japanese 羽衣キノコの子 (はころもキノコのこ)
Romanized Hagoromo Kinoko no Ko
English Feather-Robed Mushroom Child
Aliases Plumage Mushroom Child
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Mushroom
Capture Level Unknown
Location Landsea (Area 2)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Chapter 264
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The Feather-Robed Mushroom Child (羽衣キノコの子 (はころもキノコのこ) Hagoromo Kinoko no Ko) is a kind of mushroom that can be found Gourmet World's Landsea in Area 2.


Since it has never been seen, its appearance is unknown, but judging from its name it is a peculiar mushroom with feathers growing from it. Toriko states that it is like an "adolescent mushroom".


Billion Bird ArcEdit

Toriko had planned to capture one during his stay in the Gourmet World's Landsea


  • Plumage refers both to the layer of feathers that cover a bird and the pattern, color, and arrangement of those feathers. The pattern and colors of plumage differ between species and subspecies, and may vary with age classes, sexes, and season. Within species there can be different color morphs.

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