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Japanese フィッカスドルトンゾウ
Romanized Fikkasudorutonzou
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Type Behemoth Beast
Capture Level 2650
Habitat Area 2 (Gourmet World)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 263
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The Ficasdaltonphant (フィッカスドルトンゾウ Fikkasudorutonzou) is a gigantic pachyderm native to Area 2 of Gourmet World.


Its size is so incredible that an entire mountain range of volcanoes are like small rocks compared to it and even the Regal Mammoth and Magma Tortoise are insignificant compared to its size. Not much of its body is seen, however its head and face is mostly round with five black eyes with bright pupils, two massive tusks and it has over 12 large trunks on its face. Each of its trunks have a different shape at their base. Its only seen leg is incredibly thick with three digits and is large enough to step on a Thunderous Devil. The only Ficasdaltonphant seen so far is covered in countless scars, indicating a long life full of battles and experience.


Not much of its behavior is known, but it appears to be indifferent to anything that stands in its way as it will step on anything that does not move away in time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having a capture level in its thousands, this beast far outclasses all of the creatures native to the Human World and the weaker level hundreds beasts that reside in Gourmet World, which truly makes it a fearsome and gigantic force to be reckoned with. Its colossally titanic size naturally endows it with tremendous weight and strength as it is heavy, durable and strong enough to crush entire mountains with but a step of its massive foot, and even the giant (but smaller than it) Thunderous Devil feared being crushed by it. The only Ficasdaltonphant seen is covered in numerous scars, indicating that it has survived through many battles during its life.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

After Toriko successfully enters Gourmet World, he releases a Flying Fork which flies very far and is caught by a Thunderous Devil. However the demon quickly becomes horrified as it sees the massive foot of a Ficasdaltonphant about to step on it, but is luckily fast enough to evade the giant creature. The Ficasdaltonphant continues its trek with no indication of having noticed the demon or caring for anything else it steps on as it goes on its way.


Ficasdaltonphant Submission

Ficasdaltonphant Submission

  • The Ficasdaltonphant is the work of Yamaoka Tetsuya (山岡哲也) from Hyougo Prefecture.

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