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Fighter Jet
Other Fighter Jet
Creator(s) Allied Forces
Purpose To defend the Human World
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 196
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Fighter Jets are the Allied Forces main military aircrafts for aerial combat.


Fighter Jet GT Robo

Fighter Jet cockpit.

Fighter Jets are large aircrafts somewhat resembling jumbo jets although their exact size is not stated. It has a large wingspan and on each of its wings it has three jet engines. There are machine guns place throughout most of the front of the plane and on each of its wings it has a pair of specially-designed missiles. Despite its large size, it has a small enough cockpit for a single human-sized GT Robo pilot.



The machine guns of the Fighter Jets up-close.

Fighter Jets are equipped with numerous machine guns along their front for quick offense, but their most powerful weapons are their specially designed missiles which were specifically created for attacking large-scale beasts. These missiles are capable of great destructive power, however they are powerless against creatures from Gourmet World which are capable of either dodging them or taking the full impact of the missile's blast with their strong hides and remaining unharmed. The Fighter Jets can also be easily destroyed by Gourmet World beasts as well.


Four Beast ArcEdit


Fighter Jets and Mammoth Tanks destroyed by the Mounturtle.

During the invasion of the Four Beasts on the Human World, the Allied Forces released a countless number of Fighter Jets along with several hundred other weaponized vehicles to deal with the threat of the Four Beasts. The Fighter Jets launched every missile and bullet they had alongside the Mammoth Tanks and Satellite Warships' arsenal, however they all proved powerless against the Four Beasts and many were Fighter Jets were destroyed by the Mounturtle's magma blasts.


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