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RiceBall  Five-Eyed Snake  Manga meat
Five-Eyed Snake
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Type Reptile Beast
Habitat Cooking Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 216
Anime Episode 129
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The Five-Eyed Snake is a species of reptilian beast that resides on part of the road where the chefs have to ride on the competition of Triathlon Cooking.


It is a huge beast that resembles a snake with multiple dark spots on its greenish skin. It possesses five eyes, an antenna on its head and several tusks through all the inside of its mouth.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Some Five-Eyed Snakes attacked the chefs that decided to take a shortcut while they were competing on the Triathlon Cooking. On the anime, Setsuno rode on the back of one of these beasts without being attacked.



  • Its overall appearance (mostly its mouth) may be a subtle pun based on the lamprey, known in Japanese as "Yatsume Unagi" (lit. Eight-Eyed Eel)

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